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What Is a Thesis Proposal?

A thesis proposal is an academic paper that summarizes the thesis and outlines the key aspects the writer will work with. Writing a thesis proposal sample is not an easy task to do. To cope with this project well, you will need to collect as much information pertaining to your topic as possible, as well as present your findings in a good way. If you don`t have sufficient writing skills and experience in writing such papers, then our handy guide will help you improve your writing proficiency.

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How to Write a Brilliant Thesis Proposal?

The primary purpose of a thesis proposal is to get approval for further research. Such a paper is usually written prior to writing a lengthy thesis paper since it helps the supervisor understand what points will be discussed in the thesis and what direction was chosen by the student. Writing a good thesis proposal requires having good writing skills and vast experience in academic writing. To bring you a good grade, such a paper should comply with the latest standards accepted in academic writing. As it was already mentioned, the primary goal of any thesis proposal is to convince both the professor and dissertation committee members that your work is worth their attention. To impress them with a high-quality proposal, you should show that you master the topic perfectly. The most common problem that may negatively affect your success is procrastination. Thus, we highly recommend you organize your working schedule properly in order to find enough time for writing each chapter of your proposal. If you have never written such papers previously, you need to have a look at the main steps for creating a juicy masterpiece.

  • Choose your topic wisely. Pay attention that you are choosing a topic for not only a thesis proposal but also for your thesis paper. As such, this topic should be broad enough to provide you with room for discussion. Besides, this topic should be relevant for your discipline and interesting for you. Ideally, you need to find a balance between the novelty and well-proven topic;
  • Develop a strong thesis statement. Whereas in any other academic paper, a thesis statement is a central idea that influences the whole paper, when it comes to thesis proposal writing, a thesis has paramount importance. As such, you will need to spend a considerable amount of time developing your research hypothesis. When building your thesis, you should try to avoid those that suppose yes or no answers;
  • Research materials. A good thesis proposal cannot be written without thorough research. Therefore, you need to go to a library or browse the online database trying to find as many relevant academic sources as possible. When researching materials, you need to evaluate, compare, and synthesize the findings obtained by other scholars and develop your own rationale;
  • Write a rough draft for your thesis proposal sample. As soon as you are done with the preparation stages, you will need to write a rough draft that will follow the professor`s instructions precisely;

Once you have written the rough draft, you will need to edit it carefully to fix all mechanical mistakes that may prevent you from getting the anticipated outcome.

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What Are the Main Parts of a Thesis Proposal?

The structure of every thesis proposal depends on the professor`s prompt. Of course, you may look for the well-written thesis proposals available on the web. However, you should understand that copy-pasting from these papers is strictly forbidden. Your thesis proposal should be written, structured, and formatted in accordance with the requirements provided by your tutor. No matter what topic you will cover in your thesis proposal, it should include basic parts: an introduction, literature review, methods, findings, discussion, conclusion, and a bibliography. Let`s have a closer look at these parts:

  1. Introduction. In the opening paragraph of your proposal, you need to present your topic to the audience. Make sure to state its theoretical and practical value, as well as contextualize your topic by providing your reader with background information;
  2. Literature review. In this section of your thesis proposal, you need to present an overview of the findings of other researchers. Pay attention that you should not only summarize the credible academic sources but also synthesize them and evaluate their role in the development of your topic;
  3. Methods. Next, you need to explain what methods you have used for data collection;
  4. Findings. This section of your proposal is dedicated to the presentation of research findings you managed to obtain;
  5. Discussion. In this part, you need to evaluate your findings and explain what role do they play in your research field;
  6. Conclusion. In a nutshell, a conclusion is a summary of your thesis proposal that should not introduce new information;
  7. Bibliography. In the last part of your thesis proposal, you need to include bibliographic information of all sources you have used for writing your paper.

This basic structure can be used for any thesis proposal. We assure you that by practicing your skills, you will be able to reach your academic goals easier.

Thesis Proposal Sample on “Third Wave and Cultural Transformation” for Free

Although you can find many thesis proposal examples on the web, you should understand that not all of them are effective. However, by studying a well-written thesis proposal example pdf, you will definitely understand how such a paper should look like.

The third wave contrasts contemporary coffeehouses and artistic coffee roasters from venues and forms of coffee consumption that existed earlier. According to Komecoglu, the ‘third wave’ focuses on coffee bean varieties such as wine those of wine. In addition, Komecoglu observed that ‘third wave’ shops are known to invest outrageous sums of money on equipment (Synesso espresso or La Marzocco). For Manzo, the ‘third wave’ baristas also increase their skills drink preparation and espresso extraction to a level that did not exist previously. Thus, the third wave is a subculture that displays more aspects other than machines, beans and milk, which forms the focus of the proposal as an exemplification of a postmodern subculture of sociability.

The depiction of the coffee history alongside the asserted innovations that members call the third wave seem revisionist and imprecise, North American-led and unsatisfactory as an assessment of the real historical precedents surrounding the contemporary autonomous artisanal coffeehouses. However, as an important approach to understanding the topic, recognizing many categorizations is timely. Thus, the first wave captures the period between the 1950s and 90s when caffeinated coffee was consumed; the second wave laid the ground for the current third wave that involves independent as well as small-chain coffeehouse that play a part in the supply chains. The proposed study intends to investigate the development of coffeehouses and their influence on culture.

Further, the research acknowledges that public spaces are shrinking but face-to-face interaction continues occurring. Acknowledging that social interaction largely takes place in known independent cafes, and shape self-identity or “third-wave” coffeehouses. The paper seeks to address the issue of whether authentic sociality thrives in such spaces by considering the role of employees by uncovering their perceptions regarding social interactions they have with customers...”.

Order a Great Thesis Proposal Online

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