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If you wonder what the secrets of effective and successful writing are, you may be surprised to find out that they lie in planning the writing process carefully. Writing an outline can help you out with that. When you have a properly composed detailed outline, you are likely to have a clear vision of your piece of writing, its structure, and what it will look like. However, if you have no idea how to compose an outline or what it should look like, do not hesitate and buy college essay outline from our custom writing experts.

Our service will come in handy for you since you will be able to get immediate help with your paper no matter how complicated it is. Our professional writers are able to handle any type of academic assignment and provide a detailed outline with it if needed. You can rest assured that when you trust your assignments to us, they will be composed in the best way possible adhering to the rules of academic writing.

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How to Write an Essay Outline Effectively?

  • Step 1. Never skip the detailed research process

You should conduct comprehensive research of your paper topic to know some background information and details about the topic. It will help you better focus on the main ideas you will want to pay attention to. Writing an outline for your paper will help you better understand what your research paper will look like when it is completed. So, spend sufficient time on reviewing literature in your topic, browse different databases, and then think of what contribution you would like to make with your research paper. If you are writing an essay, think of what ideas you would like to pay attention to (maybe some ideas were not properly discussed in some other works).

  • Step 2. Focus on the core idea that you want to convey in the essay

You should highlight the gist of your writing. Keep in mind that it determines the overall tone and style of writing. Besides, the format of writing is normally impacted by the core idea or message as well. After you have focused on the main message, it will be easier for you to identify the main arguments that you want to develop in the body paragraphs. At this point, it is essential to come up with an argumentative thesis statement.

  • Step 3. Brainstorm the main points you want to convey in the essay

Write down the central points of your essay. Focus on those that you consider the most important ones and that you want to address in your paper. If you have written more points than needed, focus on the most important ones, for example, those that you find easy to discuss.

  • Step 4. Classify the main points into categories

Please decide on what principle you will organize the ideas into paragraphs. You can come up with some classification and single-out topics and subtopics.

  • Step 5. Shortly describe the main points

While brainstorming the topics you would like to touch upon, you may have identified those that you are particularly interested in. Try to describe them briefly by singling out their main ideas. Provide a concise analysis of how these topics or ideas will fit into the whole essay.

  • Step 6. Review the main points under discussion

Take a look at your discussion again and review the presented points. Pay attention to how the ideas are developed, whether they are logical, whether it is easy to trace the main idea or message of the paper from your outline. After that, proofread your paper for mistakes. If there are any irrelevant topics, be sure to remove or replace them.

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Expert College Essay Outline Example for Free


Malcolm was a prominent person in early 60s and known for radical ideas and for his staunch stand on Muslim beliefs Body

1. Malcolm X used radical speeches and extreme theologies to pass his message to the audience.

a) He believed that the only solution to America’s racial inequality was through a total separation.

i. He argues that wolves and sheep cannot mix in Aden, a metaphor for society. Wolves refers to white people while sheep to black people.

ii. He claims that God does cannot allow his sheep to integrate with goats, let alone wolves.

b) He tells his audience that the truth will set them free.

i. The truth is the Muslim faith and not Christianity; therefore, everyone should submit to Allah.

ii. Allah will open their eyes, help them become independent and show them who their enemies are.

iii. Although the whites have always known the truth, they hide it from black because it will set them free...

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There is nothing criminal or unethical about cooperating with our custom writing service and getting an outline from us. We have a professional team of writers who are able to deal with plenty of academic writing assignments. Our experts will assist you with an outline on any paper type. Be sure that when you seek custom writing help from us, you will impress even the strictest professor.

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Look through the outline sample provided by an expert. Do you like the overall mode of the organization? Are all ideas presented there? Is there sufficient information? Is there any other information that should be added? Do not hesitate and ask your assigned writer for improvements if needed.


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