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If you want to succeed in your Ph.D. dissertation, keep in mind that you should be consistent in every stage. As such, you need to carefully plan not only the very writing process but also the pre-writing and post-writing stages. Your doctoral paper would be incomplete without a properly written dissertation introduction, so you need to pay careful consideration to the development of this chapter. The introductory chapter should be catchy and informative enough for you to draw the attention of your target audience. As such, the importance of the introduction should not be overlooked. When developing the introductory section, you need to set the background for your research, pinpoint to its significance, and provide the key facts that are worth attention in the research.

Since the introduction of your dissertation plays a key role in the paper`s overall success, keep in mind that you should work on it carefully. If you are not good at writing your introduction and you are confused about how to develop this chapter properly, keep in mind that you can rely on our professional custom writing services for help. We fully understand that it can be tiring and time-consuming to work on your dissertation chapter, so we are here to provide you with quality help that will enable you to maintain the interest of your audience from the beginning of the presentation till the end.

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The Purpose of Dissertation Introduction Writing

For students, it is essential to learn how to write introductions for any type of academic paper. When it comes to writing dissertations, one should be aware of how to start the paper properly to fulfill all goals of writing. When you compose an introduction, remember that it should provide an answer to the question of what the dissertation is about, why it is significant, and why it matters at all. In the introduction, you need to mention those points and ideas that you intend to elaborate within the body paragraphs.

If the dissertation has some specific topic, which may be hard for readers to comprehend, it is essential to provide readers with a comprehensible picture of it. Therefore, setting the context for the work, i.e. providing some background information is a must. The length of the background paragraph may depend on the complexity of the topic and your need to start with the summary. The underlying purpose in providing the introductory chapter is to help your target readers know what the dissertation is about, what research it presents, why the research is worth attention, what main arguments you present, how relevant they are, etc.

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How to Write a Dissertation Introduction?

Put Forward Your Thesis Statement

An introduction is a chapter where you need to put forward a clear and argumentative thesis statement as to what the main essence of your dissertation is. The main aim of providing a thesis is to clarify to the reader what message you intend to convey and why. When it comes to formulating the dissertation thesis statement, you have to indicate not only what you intend to investigate, but also how. You should also specify the methods you want to use.

The introductory chapter is of expository function since it conveys some general information in a plain and clear way. The very first sentences of the introduction should pinpoint the essence of the academic study. Your readers should get the gist of the main topics, the hypothesis, the research questions, methodology, and the argument you put forward.

In the introduction, you will also want to explain how you are organizing the whole paper and how the aspects mentioned in the thesis will be further discussed and analyzed. In such a way, your introduction may serve as the roadmap for the rest of the dissertation. If you start the whole writing process with the introductory chapter, then be sure to follow the set plan within the main body chapters. However, if it is easier for you to develop the body sections first, you may do so and then write the introduction after that. It may be easier to write the introduction after you have finished the research part of your work. You will then understand the importance of the findings, their role, and it will be easier for you to shape all that research experience into words.

Dissertation Structure: What Should Be Included?

Since students are aware of the fact that the target readers of the dissertation will be the admission committee that is familiar with the topic and supposedly does not need extra details, they prefer not to provide specific information on the study significance. However, this is a mistake many students tend to make. All explanations should be provided to the fullest and you also need to present solid arguments on the research significance whatsoever.

When you are writing a dissertation introduction,
it is important to follow such plan:
  • background facts;
  • description of the former research and the possible gap in the given topic;
  • methodology that will help to acquire data;
  • potential results of the research and any further implications.

Each chapter should be preferably finished with the closing paragraph, where you summarize the main points of the former parts and also logically link the content to the next chapter. Following this structure will help your reader navigate through the paper more easily.

What Is the Length of a Dissertation Introduction?

This is a tricky thing since the length of the introduction fully depends on the requirements and instructions placed by the professor and on the length of the whole dissertation project. However, you need to plan the writing process carefully to balance the information throughout the paper. Some students may fall into a trap of being overwhelmed by some part of the topic from the very beginning so that they present so much information that there is no place left for the other aspects. However, if you want to deliver a properly-developed paper, keep in mind that all information should be balanced and that you should cover various details.

Some researchers claim that a well-developed introduction should take up not more than 5-10% of the whole paper length. The length should be moderate enough so that you do not let out all information from the very beginning. Besides, the main ideas should be presented in the main body, so do not place the core focus on the introduction when it comes to the development of the ideas.

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Helpful Tips and Guidelines on Writing a Successful Dissertation Introduction

  1. Write a statement of purpose. You need to specify what purpose you persevere when you are conducting this specific research. You need to formulate research questions and also demonstrate what direction you are moving with your writing — i.e. what aim you intend to achieve.
  2. Provide a definition of your topic. It is not enough to formulate the research questions — you should also mention the specific direction that you are moving with your research to. You have to mention what subject area you are focusing on in the research within the given academic discipline.
  3. Focus on the approach to your research. Highlight the approach you are going to take when it comes to elaborating on the research questions. Emphasize the aspects that molded your topic and added more context and meaning to it.
  4. Terms and concepts. Each subject area has its specific professional jargon, so if your topic is fairly specific, keep in mind that you need to explain the main terms and concepts. You need to define the basic and most important terms in order to avoid ambiguity in your research.
  5. Aims and objectives. The introductory paragraph should not merely include research questions but also present the aims and objectives. They will help you shape your approach to conducting the research.
  6. Formulate a clear hypothesis. The hypothesis should be clearly stated and further tested. You need to pay attention to how logical you are in constructing the hypothesis. Keep in mind that a properly formulated hypothesis should be non-circular, testable, and falsifiable.
  7. Outline the scope of work that should be done. In your introductory chapter, you should clearly state what scope of research you have and how your research fits into the field.
  8. Research significance. When it comes to ordinary research papers, it may be enough to follow all requirements, collect and analyze data, discuss it, and then shed light on the possible implications. However, in terms of dissertation writing, you should be particularly clear about the significance of your dissertation bears.
  9. Reasons for choosing a specific topic. When mentioning research significance, another aspect that is worth consideration is what reasons you persevere when choosing this topic for investigation. As such, you need to provide reasons related to your interest and the value of your topic within a broader scope of the study.
  10. Subheadings. These are used for proper navigation within the text. Besides, they can help in structuring the whole information massive into logical units and key facts.

Expert Dissertation Introduction Example for Free (The Role of Managers in Helping Frontline Staff Manage Deviant Customers)

Statement of the Problem

Research on workplace incivility has concentrated on incivility sources within the organization with little focus on outside incivility sources, such as customers. Evidence clearly indicates that incivility is more prevalent among those outside the organization than those within thit. Moreover, the majority of employees often intermingle with customers more than they do with their colleagues and supervisors. An important observation is that external sources of workplace incivility contribute to stress among employees and has been linked to numerous negative outcomes for employees as well as the organization. In the service sector, it is common for employees to encounter rude and abusive customers since they have to adhere to the emotion expression guidelines that service-oriented organizations have established. Rude and abusive customers pose various problems for all organizations, and particularly service ones.

Evidence exists to illustrate the deleterious effect of rude and abusive customers. Harris and Daunt show that discourteous customers can negatively affect how other customers enjoy the service being offered, which can subsequently imact the organization in terms of the reduced sales. Customer incivility also has diverse effects on employees. According to Walker et al., customer incivility events can generate employee incivility because of the employees’ general amassed impression of the incivility during their interactions with customers. Employees’ incivility is especially triggered among those who view customers to be less civil. Similar findings are documented by Harris and Daunt, who provided data on how customer misconduct affects managerial strategies, managers, and frontline employees. Harris and Daunt indicate that the impacts of customer misconduct during employee-customer interactions are attitudinal, cognitive, and physiological, which are associated with the key management challenges, including time expenditure, motivation and counselling, employee retention and recruitment, and conflicting pressures...

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