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The process of paper writing consists of several stages, such as research, writing, formatting, and editing. Sometimes students do not pay much attention to formatting and lose points. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the formatting requirements. The first aspect one needs to check is the style, which may affect the formatting of the whole paper. There are several most common citation styles, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and Vancouver. There are many other citation styles, which sometimes depend on the discipline, such as medicine and law. There are also some specific styles accepted in particular educational establishments. Therefore, it is essential to check the formatting requirements with the professor before working on a paper.

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If you have never worked with paper formatting and the titles above are nothing more than just a set of letters, this is not a problem. Our custom writing company may offer a top-quality formatting service for you. You may write a paper yourself and contact us for formatting issues only. We can negotiate your needs and satisfy them. Many students face formatting issues, as this may be a complicated job for them. Formatting requires remembering many details and paying attention to the smallest aspects.

Each format differs in details, such as the pace of commas, colons, semicolons, and full stops. Spacing and indention differences also exist. Most of the citation styles require the students to put the sources in alphabetical order, while there are also citation styles which require students to arrange those in the order how they appear in the paper.

Thus, there are main aspects which make formatting a complicated issue. However, EssaysBank.com is always ready to assist you no matter what citation style you need and how fast you need your formatting issues to be resolved. However, if you have decided to format the paper yourself, you may need some specific recommendations of how to format your paper depending on the particular citation style.


How to Format Your Paper

APA Style

APA stands for American Psychological Association. Basically, the sources are put in alphabetical order with one-inch margins on all sides. In most cases, you should use 12 Times New Roman font and double spacing. The first page is the title page with some specific information centered and a title is bold font. The first-level headings are also centered throughout the paper. The references page is the last one with a hanging indent for each entry. This is the most common citation style. You should remember about the recent changes in the 7th edition.

MLA Style

MLA stands for Modern Language Association. There is no separate title page in MLA, and the information about a student, a professor, the course, and the date is presented on the first four lines followed by a paper title and a text itself. The MLA requires page numbers in the in-text citations, which makes it the best choice for literature essays. MLA is similar to APA in terms of spacing, margins, font, and indention.

Chicago Style

Chicago has a title page as APA, but the information presented there is different. Spacing, margins, font, and indention are also the same as in APA. When citing sources, Chicago may require either author-date style (similar to APA) or footnotes or endnotes depending on the discipline or the professor’s preference.

Thus, before placing an order for formatting or doing formatting yourself, you need to clarify the requirements with your educational establishment or the course materials. Our writers need to understand whether they have to follow the standard requirements of a particular citation style or there are some particular requirements your educational establishment has.

When formatting papers our writers pay specific attention to the title page, the flow of the paper and the general format, the way how the in-text citations are arranged, and the reference page. Each style has a particular requirement for each of the aspects. Therefore, when placing orders with us you may be sure that our writers will understand your needs and will do everything properly. Here is a list of the aspects our writers pay close attention to:

  • Page numbers. Some styles require numbering the first page while the orders do not require it.
  • Preliminary pages. If you write extended research papers or dissertations, you may need some specific pages to be included in the particular order. We can help you in writing those.
  • Headings and subheadings. Larger papers may require headings and subheadings, which must be properly arranged differently depending on the style.
  • Margins and spacing are also checked depending on your preferences.

Our Testimonials

Order Formatting

Our company is ready to provide top quality formatting services 24/7. We do not only arrange papers according to the common citation styles, we can also format the paper following some specific requirements if you have such. We do not refuse even if the requirements for formatting you have do not fit any common citation style.

Formatting does not require specific skills. However, it may be a time-consuming procedure if you do not format paper too often. Our writers work with paper formatting every day as any custom written paper is formatted in accordance with some particular citation style. We hire only professional writers. Therefore, you will not have an amateur writer who does not have experience in formatting papers. We may help you format a simple essay, a research paper, and even a dissertation.

Sometimes, Customers order editing and formatting. In this case, our professional writers work not only on the paper formatting, but also check the grammar and stylistics of the paper ensuring that the sentences are properly structured and the ideas presented there are logical and clear for understanding.