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This article is devoted our professional lab report writing service where you can refer to in order to solve your academic writing issues. Let us focus on the question: “what is a lab report?

A lab report is an essential element of each laboratory course and usually an important element of your course grade. If your professor gives you a clear outline concerning how to complete a lab report, strictly follow it. Some professors or educational institutions may request that lab reports should be included into the lab notebooks, whereas others may require separate or individual lab reports. Below is a thorough format for lab reports that can be used if you are unsure of what to dwell on or need explanations of what should be included in the various and numerous parts of the lab reports.

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Lab reports is are aimed at explaining what way you managed to conduct your experiment, what lessons you learned or experience to get, and what the results were.

Structure of the Lab Report

Lab reports can differ in format and length. They may range from the form to be filled out and submitted before the students leave the laboratory settings, to formal report writing. However, all lab reports usually stick to the similar structure.


  • should clearly identify specific focus of the laboratory report


  • should provide an clear overview of the content of the lab report, including key findings, as well as conclusions;
  • in the majority of cases, it is the last part of the lab report to be composed;
  • may not be included into the short lab reports.


  • should provide an appropriate, clear and thorough background to the lab experiment and explicate any relevant strategies or theories in detail;
  • should state the key problems and/or hypotheses;
  • should concisely state the objectives of the lab experiment.


  • should describe materials, equipment, tools, and procedures applied;
  • may comprise flow charts of the procedures, as well as diagrams of the experimental set-ups;
  • should outline any calculations or processing performed on the data collected (if there is a need)

 Results and Analysis

  • should present the experiment results graphically or by applying tables or figures. The latter often comprise error bars where necessary;
  • should discuss how results were analyzed, comprising error analysis.


  • should interpret essential results in terms of the research aims, objectives, questions
  • should summarize significant findings and key limitations
  • should make recommendations concerning to overcome or eliminate limitations and make emphasis on further directions in research to be followed.


  • should remind the readers what problem was under investigation or analysis
  • should summarize the findings in terms of the problems or hypotheses
  • should briefly identify significant implications of the findings


  • should present the list of the publication details of each source cited in the text of the work, allowing future readers to identify it easily and quickly
  • should usually follow a certain referencing style required by the professor or educational institution.


  • an appendix (consider that the plural form is appendices) should comprise materials that are too thorough or detailed so as to include them in the report, including the tables of the data or calculations, etc.

Expert Lab Report Example for Free


The trend in the size of particles in the in the different states of matter was investigated. The experiment was carried to ascertain the sizes of atoms in solids. Additionally, the experimentation also sought to determine the size of molecules in the gaseous and liquid phases. The study the size of particles in the various states of matter requires that a specified number of physical quantities are measured. The volume, mass and density were key physical quantities that were studied.

Cubical atomic model and cubical molecular models were influential in determining the size of atoms and molecules respectively. An electronic balance was used to obtain the mass of the samples. Water displacement technique is used to find the volume of the metallic sample. A mathematical formula is used to acquire the capacity of the sample in the gaseous phase...

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  • Insufficient management of time, resources, efforts, etc
  • Inability to cleat and vividly present and explicate all the processes in written form
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  • Insufficient experience, skills, as well as knowledge in the specific field of science.

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