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As a student, you will write a great number of different essays, research papers, and other assignments during your academic years. In order to prepare quality pieces of writing, a student should know the basic standards of each. Otherwise, your paper will not be able to earn you a high grade.

A literary analysis essayis one of the most common writing projects that you will definitely prepare while studying. Such assignments are supposed to help students boost their knowledge, develop analytical skills, and learn how to generalize and objectively assess the thoughts of other people, as well as to formulate their own ideas clearly. To prepare such an essay, you will have to read the piece and conduct extensive research on the matter to be able to develop an argumentative analysis. There are different types of such papers, and you can order any of them from EssaysBank.com.

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What is Literary Analysis Writing?

As the term suggests, a literary analysis essay scrutinizes a piece of literature comprehensively and in great detail, be it a play, a book, or a novel. In this assignment, a student should focus on the plot, characters, main message, and writing style of the author. You should dive deep into the text of the piece to understand why and how the author wrote it.

Writing a Literary Analysis: Basic Steps

During your academic years, you will read a lot of books and articles. You will have to discuss them in class, as well as prepare written analysis of these pieces. College and university students usually face a big problem: they receive a complicated task but very limited instructions on how to prepare it right. The same is true for a literary analysis. A few professors explain how to write it step by step. As a result, you are left one-on-one against the question of how to write a literary analysis? You can find some valuable tips and information on the Internet. For example, Amazon and GoodReads offer quality reviews; however, simply paraphrasing them is not the best decision. In addition, you can read online blogs of readers; nevertheless, their style of writing still should not be copied. You can also find a literary analysis essay example on the web to acquire a general understanding of what you are expected to do. However, be careful not to plagiarize.

This assignment is more than a creative retelling of a story; instead, it should follow a very specific format. Remember, you write an academic paper to impress your professor and not a blog-post to engage random readers. In this article, we will give you a basic understanding of how to write a solid literary analysis and earn a good grade.

Obviously, you have to read the book first. No reviews will allow you to develop a comprehensive analysis; therefore, do not look for a sideway but spare a while to read the piece carefully. Once, done, you can proceed to the second stage of writing. Follow these steps:

  • Ensure you understand the task and its purpose;
  • Learn about the basic elements to be covered;
  • Develop a detailed plan of your analysis;
  • Write the analysis;
  • Proofread and edit the paper.

Seems it is not a big deal, does not it? Nevertheless, more detailed guidelines will help you cope with the task easily. We are here to help you. Look through the step-by-step plan that will prepare you to write a high-quality paper.

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Content of the Literary Analysis Essay

The approach to writing a literary analysis is largely determined by the piece under analysis. Obviously, a poem and a novel should be analyzed differently. Now, we arrived at types of literary analysis assignments. The analysis can focus on

  • Characters;
  • Symbols and symbolism;
  • Themes and subthemes
  • Style and Structure
  • Settings
  • Imaginary and tone
  • Or the mix of a few.

Free Literature Analysis Example of “A Good Man is Hard to Find”

This world is a synergy of diversified things, wherein different kinds of people are live together. It is a natural phenomenon, that the perceptions, views and thoughts of two persons cannot be matched with each other. It is not necessary that a thing, which is good in front of you, will also sketch the same picture before any other person. Inevitably, this world has now become a place of discretions in which every person is concerned with him. These things increase the dilemma of selfishness in the people. Well, the main prospective of this paper is neither to pen down regarding the different perceptions nor about the selfishness, but we are here to sketch a literary analysis of the Story “A Good Man is hard to find” written by Flannery O'Connor, who were an American Novelist, short story writer and essayist. During his professional career, O’Connor wrote two novels and 32 short stories and had been counted as an important voice in American Literature. O'Connor's writing also reflected her own Roman Catholic faith, and frequently examined questions of morality and ethics. Her Novels were found realistic and religiously equipped. A good man s hard to find was also her one of the famous short stories, which get an immense appreciation in its time and still the stance is not stopping either.

A good man is hard to find is written incompletely in order to “transfer” people who have not yet fully conventional the Christian faith. In this short story, the writer had praised the Christian religion predominantly...

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