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What Is a Questionnaire?

Basically, a questionnaire is a series of questions asked of the clients. This series includes both the closed-ended questions and open-ended questions in order to have the most objective information about the company. Whereas the closed-ended questions allow getting clear answers, the open-ended questions provide the clients with room for discussion allowing them suggesting their vision of the company`s work.

The customers have various needs that should be fully addressed by the company if it wants to maintain a successful reputation. Being unsolved, the question may turn into a problem that may significantly undermine the reputation of the company. How to understand the client`s needs? Well, it is pretty easy to do having a well-structured service questionnaire.

A service questionnaire usually accompanies a survey that aims to collect, gather, interpret, synthesize, and analyze the information from a specific group of people. Naturally, a questionnaire is an integral tool for conducting a survey.

Since there are different types of surveys, one should also mention that there are numerous rating scales and variables. If you need to reach the expected outcome, you need to clearly indicate your goal and move to it gradually choosing the best instruments. By following the suggestions given below, you will be able to conduct a winning service questionnaire that will help you understand the attitude of your clients towards your company.

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Useful Tips to Write a Winning Questionnaire

Include a Variety of Questions

Pay attention that different question types assume different responses. If you want to get maximum details that will be objective and unbiased, you need to include as many good questions as possible in your questionnaire. For instance, you may include the multiple-choice questions, rating scales, or open-ended questions that will help your clients share their opinions about the goods and services of the company. Do not forget to add the demographic questions to find out the location, education, as well as the background of your respondents.

Be Objective

Pay attention that if your questionnaire lacks objectivity, most probably, you will not get the anticipated outcome. To prevent the instances of intentional and unintentional biases, you need to use clear and strong words. In addition, you need to be very careful using words such as “might,” “would,” “could,” etc. Qualtrics states that using these words, the difference in answers may take up to 20%. Remember that in order to get good answers to your questions, you need to create a questionnaire that will help you get the most objective answers.

Be Specific

Avoid combining several questions into one. It is a bad strategy if you want to get an unbiased opinion about different issues. For instance, asking “What is your attitude to the customer service and quality of the product,” you will not get a clear answer. It is always better to divide such a question into two to find out the clients` attitude to the service and to the quality.

Be Clear

In order to bring you the anticipated outcome, your questions should be maximally clear and concise. There should be no room for interpretations. Therefore, when working on your questionnaire, make sure to double-check each question and be certain that your respondent can get it. Only if your respondent understands your question, he or she will be able to answer it correctly. Try to eliminate the words or phrases that may confuse your respondents. If you need to include some concept that is not familiar to your respondents, do not forget to explain it. Finally, remember that if your respondent does not want to answer some of your questions, thy need to have such an option.

All in all, we do hope that our suggestions helped you understand how to make a questionnaire that will help you get all the needed information. Good luck!

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Questionnaire Example to Read

What type of data needs to be collected?

The data to be collected should relate will be targeted at establishing the relationship that exists between consumer behavior and branding. The branding of ipad by Apple Inc. and the response of the market to the branding will be tested. The questionnaire will also collect data on the response of the market to the introduction of a new product into the market.

Choice of questionnaire technique

The choice of the questionnaire technique is informed by several factors. Firstly, use of questionnaires is involves low cost in money and time. In reference to Gilham, it is possible to send as many questionnaires as may be needed through mail with a lower cost relative to other methods such as traveling to conduct interviews. This is relevant to this study since the ipad market is very extensive. Secondly, Questionnaires provides a method of getting information from many people quickly. Thirdly, respondents have the liberty to fill the questionnaires at their time of convenience and the analysis of closed questions is relatively straightforward. In addition the data collected is credible since the respondents are kept anonymous and there is less pressure for immediate responses. Besides questionnaires bringing about avoidance of interviewer bias and possessing the advantage of uniformity of questions, it also provides suggestive data for testing hypothesis...   

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