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What is a thesis paper? The definition itself will be revealed in the process of its completion as it mostly depends on the topic you explore and your chosen area of study. One thing we know for sure: this is one of the most distressing assignments you will be given! Many occupied students do not have time and enough vigor required to wrap this academic venture besides dealing with different classes. Final exams also belong to the “scary part” of the studying process. Thus, it is impossible to concentrate on your thesis, being so incredibly overloaded. Furthermore, each human being has a normal wish to spend some relaxing leisure time with your close friends and family. Yet, while being a student, your thesis paper should be your first concern, as it influences your academic rate and even future prospects. This paper reveals your prevailing skills and major knowledge you gained during your college years.

When you look at its structure, you gradually realize that it must roughly encompass such constituents as: central statement, purpose, methods, major findings, and other subject-related perspectives that your professors want to see.

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Thesis Paper Example on How Human Rights Affect Social Work Principles and Actual Practice


Social work is a multi-faceted and challenging activity that has gone through its share of transformation over the course of time, but remains ultimately focused on helping clients with their personal or social challenges. The diversity of the activities performed by social workers is significant, but the major focus of each of them is on providing social justice. As Clayton and Hopps underline, asocial worker strives to trigger constructive social change. Moreover, social work is also oriented on promoting and supporting empowerment, cohesion, and developmental processes for peculiar communities. Social workers deal with the oppressed, vulnerable and abandoned individuals or even the whole groups. Hence, the major priorities and values within the framework of a social work are based on human rights and the protection of dignity. The activity of social workers expands on the international scale and is based on the principles of social justice, collective responsibility, respectful attitude to the issues of diversity, and priority of human rights.

Human rights are a significant constituent element of social work as far as they define the canvas of fundamental standards of treatment and freedoms each person is entitled to. The standards which are considered to be the innate rights of all people should not be violated due to peculiarities of racial, socio-cultural, ethnic, and economic nature. Social workers strive to return the relevant code of treatment to those devoid of it due to objective circumstances. Robinson and Boyle underlines that each country has universal dilemmas and problems in the scope of human rights, and only difference is that their scale tends to vary. Furthermore, the scholar highlights that human rights tend to occupy an intermediate position distinguishing values and fundamental moral priorities and the scope of ethics reflected in “the immediate personal decisions”. It may be concluded from such a definition that human rights are strongly linked to the international law. Nonetheless, the in-depth insight reveals only superficial similarity of their directives and target peculiarities. Fundamental human rights include life, liberty, security, equality before the law, fair trial, privacy, and asylum. They are stated in official documents such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The latter is considered to be a milestone of the evolution of human rights framework...

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