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100% Money Back Guarantee

Every customer of essaysbank.com is entitled to full customer satisfaction. If, after receipt of one’s paper, the customer is dissatisfied that the content contained in the paper is not as originally specified, the customer is entitled to a 100% refund of any monies invested in the writing of the paper. Here at essaysbank.com, we want our customers to know that we listen to what they want and try our best to deliver it as ordered.

Free Unlimited Amendments Guarantee

As one more measure taken to assure customer satisfaction with our services, we guarantee that we will make any requested amendments to any paper that the customer feels do not fulfill the custom details requested when the paper was originally ordered. Customer satisfaction is a high priority here at essaysbank.com, and we want to do what it takes to make each order right. The Free Unlimited Amendments Guarantee is only offered by essaysbank.com

Best Price Guarantee

Making our services a good value for our customers is a real priority at essaysbank.com. Therefore, we take pride in offering a guarantee of providing the best prices on our writing. We will beat any advertised price for equal quality work found anywhere on the Internet. Not only that, but we add free pages to every order. Our customers get a free bibliography, title page and outline with every order. We will customize the formatting to the customer’s request. We conduct research and send out free notifications of the paper’s progress. Additionally, we offer 15% off on special orders. Our customer service agents are standing by with more details.

100% Non-Plagiarism Guarantee

essaysbank.com is in possession of some of the best anti-plagiarism software in the writing industry. Each and every paper that is professionally written by the essaysbank.com team of expert writers is scanned for plagiarism. We offer a 100% money back guarantee that no paper written by essaysbank.com writers will contain plagiarism. We additionally search each paper for grammatical and typographical errors. At essaysbank.com, we want every customer to be assured that his or her paper is 100% original.

Free Unlimited Revisions Guarantee

After a customer receives his or her paper from our writers, he or she is entitled to an unlimited number of revisions for a period of up to 48 hours. Revisions may be repeated an unlimited number of times until the customer is satisfied that his or her specifications have been met. If the paper was purchased as a rush order, revisions will be made according to the customer’s specified time deadline.

24 x 7 Active Student Area Guarantee

The Active Student Area of our website is the gathering place for students so they can download papers, give suggestions and feedback to our writers, post any requests for revisions and much more. We guarantee that our customers may have free access to this area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes holidays and weekends.

15% Membership Discount Guarantee

We are happy to repay the loyalty of our frequent customers by offering an exclusive Lifetime Membership option that includes valuable discounts of up to 15% off. After customers order 25 pages from essaysbank.com, they may enter one of three tiers of discounts:
• Diamond Tier– 15% off
• Platinum Tier– 10%
• Gold Tier – 5%

Full Ownership Guarantee

Every customer who purchases a paper from our writing service is granted full rights to ownership of that paper. We forfeit any claim to said paper and agree not to sell it to any third party. This is just one more way that essaysbank.com gives back to our customers.

24 x 7 Premium Customer Services Guarantee

One never knows when a problem or question might arise. For this reason, we guarantee that our customer care representatives will be on duty to address any customer concerns, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make it easy to contact our representatives by toll free telephone number, free chat or email. We guarantee a prompt response.

24 x 7 Notifications Guarantee

With essaysbank.com, students never need to worry about the progress being made on their papers. We guarantee convenient and frequent notifications for any order placed with our writing services. Students may arrange to be notified via SMS text messages or they can check in the Student Account Area on our website, where frequent updates are posted. Alerts are guaranteed to occur according to the customers’ preferences 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Free Quality Assurance Report Guarantee

We, at essaysbank.com, take high quality very seriously. It is for this reason, that we have employed a Quality Assurance Team to carefully check each document that passes through our system, to assure that it meets with the customer’s original specifications and to assure that it is of highest quality. At the end of each check, our customers are given three reports showing that the paper passed the plagiarism check, the grammar and spelling check and that it complies with all rules and specifications as set forth in the original order. We guarantee the high quality of all writing done at essaysbank.com

Relevant Writer Background Guarantee

We guarantee that the writer who is assigned to a particular topic will have expert-level knowledge of that topic. The writers at essaysbank.com must be well-educated and have an area of expertise in an academic discipline before they are hired. Furthermore, they must have years of experience in writing professionally. We feel that this heightens the quality of the work.