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Terms and Conditions


Essaysbank.com is the website bearing this name, as well as the content that is contained in, purchased or accessed through the discussed website.

“Customer” is anyone who accesses the Essaysbank.com website and uses its services, products, information, or content, by purchasing services or products from Essaysbank.com.

“Product” is anything, including all content located on the Essaysbank.com website, which is accessed through the said website, purchased or ordered through it. The written content includes but is not limited to papers, essays, course works, etc.

General Terms of Agreement

The customer is the only one responsible for reading and comprehending the terms and conditions of the current agreement. The customer must understand that, any time he (she) accesses the Essaysbank.com website and orders/ uses its products, services, or content, he (she) bears the full responsibility for complying with the terms and conditions of this agreement. The customer also agrees to follow all terms, conditions, policies, rules, guidelines, and requirements that are being posted on the Essaysbank.com website now or any time in the future. The customer is responsible for learning and updating his (her) knowledge of all conditions, terms, policies, rules, guidelines, and requirements that are being posted on the Essaysbank.com website, beyond the current agreement.


All products that are made available through the Essaysbank.com website or are purchased/ ordered through the Essaysbank.com by customers are designed with the sole goal of being an example/model for the customer. The customer has no legal right to submit the products and services provided through the Essaysbank.com as his/her own. Everything borrowed from the original product/service delivered through the Essaysbank.com website should be cited appropriately. All products and services purchased/accessed through the Essaysbank.com website are for non-commercial use only. The customer may not use these products and services in any other way. Essaysbank.com holds zero tolerance to plagiarism. Cheating and plagiarism are the sole responsibility of the customer. Any instance of inappropriate use of the products/ services accessed through Essaysbank.com is regarded as a serious violation of the current terms and conditions.

The customer has a responsibility to utilize the products and services accessed/ordered through the Essaysbank.com website legally and appropriately. All services and products offered by Essaysbank.com through its official website are copyright protected. The company relies on industry and trademark laws and holds ownership rights over the entire product, service, and website content accessed or purchased by the customer. Any instance of illegitimate, illegal, or inappropriate use of the product/service provided by Essaysbank.com is regarded as a breach of the intellectual property and copyright laws.


The customer bears the responsibility for defending the name and rights of the Essaysbank.com company, in case of any legal or related action that results from using the products and services delivered through the Essaysbank.com website. The customer is solely responsible for paying out all court costs, attorney fees, and all other judgments, costs, and actions that follow. In case of violations of the current agreement, or any other rules, guidelines, policies, or requirements posted on the Essaysbank.com website, the customer becomes solely responsible for all consequences that follow such violations.

Termination rights                                                                                 

Essaysbank.com has the right to terminate any order. If that is the case, Essaysbank.com must notify the customer and guarantee a full refund for the product/ service ordered from the Essaysbank.com website. Essaysbank.com has the full right to deny the provision of products and services to customers, who violate the current agreement, as well as any other requirements, instructions, guidelines, and policies that have ever been posted on the Essaysbank.com website.

Refunds and Revisions

The customer is fully responsible for delivering and submitting the details and instructions of the product/service ordered from the Essaysbank.com when the order is being placed. Essaysbank.com is responsible for complying with all details, requirements, and instructions that were provided by the customer while placing the order. In case the product / service delivered to the customer does not conform to the requirements placed by the customer, Essaysbank.com will assume the responsibility to revise and review the product, until it follows the initial requirements. The customer must notify Essaysbank.com about any problems with the order within the 48 hours after the final order is received. In case no complaints are delivered within the discussed time period, the sale is finalized. In case of changes in the initial instructions after the final product is completed, these changes are completed by Essaysbank.com only after additional costs are compensated by the customer.

Communication between Essaysbank.com and the customer

The customer must provide the fullest contact information, to enable free and regular communication between Essaysbank.com and the customer. All individual contacts occur through email.

All notices, changes, and information / news are published on the Essaysbank.com website. The customer is responsible for updating his/ her knowledge of the latest policy changes.

You agree to receive promotinal and other product related emails.

Complete agreement

The terms and conditions of the current agreement, as well as all policies, guidelines, requirements, and procedures that are posted on the Essaysbank.com website make up the final agreement between the company and the customer.