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Without a doubt, a lot of companies online offer custom writing services. Each one lays claim to being the ultimate in the industry. However, have you ever taken the time to check for proof of those claims? Customers should try to exercise caution in picking any writing service, if they expect to get customer satisfaction. Many of the online writing services sell plagiarized work and work that is of poor quality. On the other hand, EssaysBank.com provides only original content that has been custom written. Through the years, we have earned the trust of our customers because we provide truly high quality writing for a low price. Below is a comparison between EssaysBank.com and some of the lesser-known, unscrupulous writing services found on the Internet.




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  EssaysBank.com is a truly legitimate writing service that is committed to high quality at a reasonable price, coupled with excellent customer service. The quality of our service and writing is fully guaranteed. We keep all transactions confidential and issue refunds, if necessary. We have clearly stated terms and conditions so our customers stay aware every step of the way.   Foreign companies sell plagiarized or poor quality work that is written by non-English speaking writers. No guarantees of confidentiality. No refunds offered. No clearly stated terms or conditions for customers.  
  Guarantee of 100% original work. Papers are all scanned for plagiarism.   Provide plagiarized writing that can result in expulsion from any university.  
  All papers from EssaysBank.com are original, written from scratch and of highest quality.   Sell stolen or recycled papers that are not original and are of poor quality.  
  We apprise our customers of the full cost of a project prior to acceptance of the payment. The price does not change with hidden fees and additional charges. Customer is fully aware from day #1.   Charge many hidden and additional fees that come as surprises to their customers.  
  Native English-speaking writers who are true professionals. Quality checked work that is given back to student with no errors, whatsoever   Non-native English speaking writers who make many grammatical and spelling errors.  
  Friendly, reliable customer support that is available at all hours of the day and night, 7 days a week, including holidays and weekends.   No customer support  
  Customers are allowed a direct line of communication with the writer. This results in better writing and a higher level of customer satisfaction.   Customer is not allowed direct contact with the writer.  
  Fully guaranteed delivery of paper within a specified deadline   No guarantee of meeting paper’s deadline.  

Here at EssaysBank.com, we tell it like it is. The customer is fully apprised of his or her rights as a customer. We make no false claims about our prices. Our professional writers create custom papers that are written to the customer’s exact specifications. We employ writers who are well-educated and professional. When a customer purchases a paper from EssaysBank.com, it soon becomes evident that we are the best custom paper writing service found anywhere on the Internet.