Our guide will help you figure out what to do with your article critique assignment. You can either learn how to write such a paper or you can order it at the best writing service. But before we tell you more information about our reliable writing platform that can provide you with top-notch article critique writing help, let us help you understand what is an article critique. An article critique can be referred to as a piece of academic writing that presents an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the particular article. When working on such a paper, the writer should put special emphasis on the main aspects discussed in the article, evaluate the key strengths and weaknesses of the author's approach, as well as explain the importance of the article within the specific area. It is very important to understand that an article critique is not the same as an article summary.

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How an Article Critique Is Different from an Article Summary?

If you want to boost your article critique writing skills, you need to understand the main difference between such a paper and a summary. Whereas an article summary should inform the target audience of what is told in the article, the critique should explain how well does the writer develop his or her topic and what instruments are used for that. A well-written article critique will include a summary of the article, as well as its meticulous analysis. Besides, the writer may include his or her own perception of the article supporting the arguments with strong evidence.

How to Write a Great Article Critique?

Before you start working on such a sophisticated assignment, you will need to take some steps that will make this process easier:

  • Choose an article that meets the professor's prompt. We highly recommend you take enough time to select an appropriate article. Working with an article that is too boring or complicated, you will never enjoy the writing process. As such, we highly recommend you work with the article the fits your research interests;
  • Study the article thoroughly to understand the main ideas conveyed by the author. If you read your article just once, you may overlook many significant details. When studying the article, you will need to answer the following questions:
  • What are the author's credentials? Is the writer qualified enough to write an article on this topic?
  • Did the writer choose appropriate methods when collecting his or her materials?
  • Are there any issues that may affect the credibility of the results?
  • Is the writer objective or biased?
  • Did the writer base his or her research on scholarly sources?
  • How well does the author develop the topic?
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What Are the Main Parts of an Article Critique?

As well as any other academic paper, an article critique includes three major parts: an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. The main body consists of two main parts: a summary and a critique. Let us focus on these parts in detail:

  1. Introduction. In the introductory paragraph of your article critique, you need to present your article, as well as state its importance. Also, you may want to provide your reader with significant background information about the author to help them understand your critique better. Do not forget to mention the full article title in your introduction. Besides, you should try to include a hook that will allow you to engage your reader;
  2. Main body. As it was already mentioned, the main body of the article critique includes two major parts: a summary and a critique. The first part, a summary, should summarize the article focusing on the most meaningful parts mentioned by the author. The other part, a critique, is more about the article analysis. It is the author's perception of the article. However, all the arguments suggested by the writer should be supported by solid textual evidence. When you need to include in-text citations to back up your words, do not forget to follow the formatting style indicated in your guideline. Pay attention that your critique should not only focus on the main strengths and weaknesses of the article, but it should present a multifaceted analysis of the manuscript.
  3. Conclusion. The final paragraph of your article critique is called a conclusion. Instead of providing new ideas and insights, it should summarize the points discussed in the introduction and main body. Pay attention that a conclusion is a part that makes an impression on the reader. Thus, you need to do your best to make it catchy and thought provoking.

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Expert Article Critique Example for Free

If you have any difficulties with the understanding of how a good article critique should be written, it is highly recommended to look for well-written article critique samples. Of course, you are not allowed to copy-paste from these papers but it is normal to use them for your inspiration. By studying the article critique example PDFwritten by another writer, you will be able to figure out how to start your article critique, how to structure this document, how to format it, how to finalize your paper with a good conclusion, and many other significant aspects. We assure you that by being inspired by article critique papers written by other people, you will be able to boost your own writing skills and create a paper that will bring you a good grade. However, if you feel that academic writing is not one of your strengths, do not hesitate to ask for professional assistance online. Having a good writing provider to rely on, you will be able to forget about your stress and failures.

“Parkinson’s disease (PD) is one of the chronic diseases and a progressive movement disorder that is caused by several factors such as environmental and genetic interactions. The primary objective of Tsuboi was to investigate the environmental and genetic interactions in the pathogenesis of the Parkinson’s disease. Tsuboi objectives are relevant to the study because the article has critically examined the complexity and the clinical features of PD. The author has also relied mainly on the review of the existing evidence based literature to emphasize on the genetic and environmental factors that leads to PD. For instance, the author has critically explained how an individual’s interaction with the herbicides and pesticides can affect the liver and the evidence has been retrieved from the existing literature. This aspect has enabled the author to justify the objectives of the study significantly. This essay critically examines various aspects highlighted in the article including the assumptions and the methodology.

The article has also succeeded in highlighting the relationship pathogenesis of PD with age. The article has integrated the use of evidence-based research on individuals more than 50 years and it established that age is also a contributing factor. This finding is related to the purpose of the study which is to identify the factors that have the potential to trigger PD. However, the author has not clearly identified the most vulnerable population. The observations made by the author in the article review is also paramount in determining the cases of PD as a combination of the nature and nurture. The interactions experienced between people’s genetic compositions and the environmental exposures also lowers the risk of getting PD. This aspect is applicable in the real life situation because individuals can inherit a particular genetic makeup that increases the effects of the toxicants. This implies that these individuals are likely to experience unique symptoms when diagnosed with the same condition...”.

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