What Is an Article Review?

An article review is a paper, which demands applying good analytical and evaluation skills, as well as a well-structured presentation of arguments and evidence. In its essence, an article review is a critical evaluation of the particular article through its summary, analysis, classification, and comparison.

If you need to write an article review, you will need to browse through several academic sources to pick up the most appropriate publication that will enable you to present a thorough analysis.

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Writing a good article review requires

Article Review Template

If you want to write a good article review, you will need to organize your ideas in a logical and coherent list. In academic writing, this list is called an outline. No matter what kind of academic article you need to review, you will have to write an outline that will serve as a road map for your writing. Although many students mistakenly underestimate the importance of writing an outline, you should understand that having a good plan is vitally important, no matter what you are doing. Writing your article review spontaneously, you may skip many important details. As such, we highly recommend you to realize the importance of mapping your ideas before you start to analyze the article.

When writing your outline, you should make sure your ideas fully match the professor's guidelines. As such, if you want to succeed with your article review example, you need to do your best to follow the tutor's instructions precisely. Some professors do not want to see summaries in the article reviews whereas others believe that a summary is an integral part of any review. In other words, we highly recommend you to study your prompt precisely to make sure that your task is crystal clear to you.

As for the common article review format, you should know that it is pretty simple. As well as any other academic paper, this document should include an introductory paragraph, a detailed main body, and a conclusion. If you find it difficult to understand how such a paper should look like, you need to check a simple guide provided below:

  1. A title page. The way your title page appears in the paper greatly depends on the formatting style that is indicated in your prompt;
  2. Abstract. If you are writing your article review in APA citation style, you will need to include an abstract that will contain all the important facts that are discussed in your paper. Please note that you don`t need to include in-text citations in your abstract;
  3. Introduction. In the opening paragraph of your article review, you will need to state the full title of the article, the name of its author, as well as explain why have you picked up this article for analysis. If you feel that sufficient background information can help your reader understand your ideas better, do not hesitate to provide it. Finally, your introduction should include a thesis statement that will allow your reader to understand the purpose of your review;
  4. Main body. The main body is the part of the review that is written between the introduction and the conclusion. This part should include the actual review of the article including several strong arguments and solid evidence. The main body should be divided into several paragraphs and each of these paragraphs should be dedicated to a single idea. In the main body of your paper, you may include in-text citations if they help you explain your rationale or convey your messages;
  5. Conclusion. In the final paragraph of your review, you will need to summarize what you have written in the previous parts and synthesize your findings. Pay attention that your conclusion should not include new arguments or evidence;
  6. References. If you have used additional sources when analyzing this article, you should include all of them in your reference list. Otherwise, you may be accused of plagiarism, which will have a negative effect on your reputation.
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Expert Article Review Example for Free

“The contemporary economic tendencies Australia is currently facing are dual and very arguable. The recent researches on the reasons negatively contributed to the economic decline in the country came up to a conclusion that Australian government has to deal with the challenges beheld Australian economy. Otherwise, the country will not be able to prevent the crime and overcome it successfully. Many scholars have a conviction in the fact that pricing policy has to be changed, first and foremost, since it plays a role of a tool regulating the monetary operation at the markets of the country.

The paper is aimed at analyzing the article The Australian Economy in 2014-15: An Economy in Transition by Robinson, Tsiaplias, and Nguyen. The main claim which the authors of the article provide the reader with consists in the assumption singled out above and contributes to its proving. It is necessary to state that the article can be characterized as the most recent one, and unites various approaches to expressing the information.

The article under analysis regards the current economic situation of Australia and searches for the reasons which led to the downfall the country is currently encountering. Along with this, the authors provide a precise and detailed analysis of various sectors of economy of the country making an emphasis on the necessity to produce a certain amount of changes...”.

Writing an Article Review: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Step 1. Come up with a good title. Depending on the nature of your article review, your title can be declarative, descriptive, or interrogative. Pay attention that your title should convince your audience that your review is worth reading. As such, it should be maximally engaging and clear.
  • Step 2. Study the article. Before you start working on your article review, you will need to study your primary source thoroughly. In particular, you will need to read this article twice or even more times in order to understand the author's approach, as well as the nature of messages conveyed. We highly recommend you read your article actively. It means that you need to highlight the most important ideas and insights that will serve as a basis for your article review example;
  • Step 3. Brainstorm your ideas. As soon as you are familiarized with the content of the article, you need to think of what ideas you are going to develop in your review. Ideally, you need to write an outline that will include all the aspects you are going to discuss in your paper.
  • Step 4. Write an introduction. The primary goal of your introduction is to engage your reader and make them follow your ideas. As such, you need to include a hook that will cause interest in your reader allowing them to understand that your review is informative enough. As for the length, the introduction is not very long as it should just present your article to the audience;
  • Step 5. Write the main body. The introductory paragraph is always followed by the main body in which the writer should evaluate the article pointing out its key strengths and weaknesses. First, you need to include the article summary to familiarize your reader with the content of your article. When summarizing the article, you should keep in mind that you should not turn the whole paper into a summary because your primary goal is to analyze the publication. Each of your main body paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence that will be related to a thesis statement;
  • Step 6. Write a conclusion. The concluding paragraph of your article review should be dedicated to summarizing the main arguments and insights included in the previous part. A good conclusion does not appear from nowhere but it is a logical final of the discussion.
  • Step 7. Proofread your work. If you are willing to receive a good grade for your article review, you need to make sure it is absolutely free from grammatical, spelling, and punctuation flaws. As such, we highly recommend you take enough time to edit your text meticulously
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