Many students keep asking how to write an effective dissertation conclusion. If you have reached this point, it means that you have most probably finished your dissertation introduction and the main body, and are not wondering how to sum it up. Completing the main body of your dissertation is definitely not the reasons for celebrating since you have to deal with your conclusion. Even though many students may underestimate its role and overall importance, keep in mind that it provides a lasting impression on your reader. However simple it may sound to deal with, it is not actually an easy process to successfully complete the conclusion.

If you want to succeed with your conclusion writing, you need to be well aware of the key principles how to organize it. Specifically, a conclusion reiterates the main idea and provides some explanation to the reader as to why the research is relevant and how it contributed to the overall topic or subject area. Therefore, it is essential to spend an ample amount of time on summarizing your dissertation. Try not to postpone the process till the very last minute.

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What Parts to Include in Your Dissertation Conclusion

  • Restate the main points of your dissertation research

You need to re-emphasize the key aspects that you have covered in your dissertation. So, take a look at the body chapters, pay attention to the topic sentences that start each section, and think of how you could reiterate the points. It is important not to repeat the information in the very same words but to restructure everything by maintaining only the same ideas. On the whole, try to write the conclusion in your own words. In some cases, students are recommended to add some call to action in the conclusion or provide recommendations on how to move forward with the topic. Try to identify some potential areas of interest that may be worth exploring.

  • Provide a specific explanation why the research bears significance

One may think that it can be inferred from the very paper how significant it is to the overall research field. However, it is far better if you are determined enough to specify what exact aspects you have explored, whether you have proved the research hypothesis, and whether the findings match the arguments.

  • Leave a lasting impression on your target reader

When you are finishing your dissertation, try to end the conclusion with some fact, statement or a phrase that makes the whole paper memorable. Depending on the subject area, the topic or the paper specifics, you may also end the paper with a call to action.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Conclusion Dissertation

  • What is the secret to providing an effective and memorable conclusion?

Since the conclusion is the very last chapter that one reads, this chapter should definitely be memorable. The keys of writing a successful conclusion are:

  1. Provide a review of the main ideas of your paper.
  2. Provide a strong and clear explanation why the research is relevant and significant.
  3. Add some food for thought or a take-home message for the target audience.
  • How long should a conclusion be?

On average, the conclusion chapter comprises 10% of the whole dissertation, so make sure it is worth attention from your target audience and your professor in particular. So, make sure it finishes on a high note.

  • What information should I provide in the conclusion?

Most importantly, you should draw all the main ideas together in one last paragraph, which is the conclusion. Depending on the paper topic and other specifics, you can provide some recommendations or implications for the future research, for example whether there were some gaps in the research, etc. More so, you may want to comment on the existing limitations of the conducted research. Nonetheless, it is crucial not to focus too much on the limitations since the conclusion should end on a positive note and be predominantly focused on what has been done.

  • Should I leave my own opinion in the dissertation conclusion?

According to the writing standards of some institutional affiliations, a conclusion chapter of a dissertation should contain a personal reflection on the conducted study. Specifically, one needs to comment on what has been acquired during the research process, what findings has been obtained, what has been learned, and so on. If you need to provide this reflection part, make sure to seek guidance from your academic supervisor to know for sure how it should be structured.

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Expert Dissertation Conclusion Example for Free

Investigating The Popularity Of Western Style High Schools In China (Chapter 5: Conclusions and Recommendation)

This chapter draws conclusions based on the research procedure and findings. In particular, this section refers to the analyses conducted in the previous chapters and relates the discussion to the research aims, objectives and questions to trace whether the guiding drivers of the study have been utilized appropriately and the goals have been achieved. In addition, the chapter explicates the conclusions reached from the data analysis and their capability to answer the set research questions. Apart from that, the connection to the theoretical background of the study is clarified. Furthermore, the chapter shows a reflective nature of the research. In this way, it is possible to reveal the significance and applicability of the findings to the educational practice with respect to my individual experience as a teacher in the analyzed context and setting. At the same time, the section outlines and justifies several recommendations for further research in the area as well as the topicality of the results for the practical dimension of the field. All the above points are thoroughly based on the research procedure and derive from its content. Finally, the limitations of the study are presented along with the conclusions, which articulate the importance of these findings.

Background for the Study

According to the in-depth analysis of the information obtained in the process of the research, scholars have long acknowledged the influence of the western educational style on the Chinese education. The previous studies considered in the context of this research have mostly highlighted this influence in light of opposition and criticism of both philosophies or referred to the comparative analysis of the two. For instance, western entrepreneurs have enriched and diversified the educational infrastructure of the country by introducing new types of school that affected the development of education in the long run. Moreover, researchers have linked the westernization of Chinese education to the broadened scope of the English language and its increasing usage in the area. However, since the historical presence of western educational institutions in China has been a continuous phenomenon, its significance and long-term effects on the student mindset and choices of educational path should not be underestimated. The knowledge gap on the matter has become the main goal of this research...

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On the whole, even a conclusion does not bring in any new findings or information, it is a really important part of the dissertation writing process. It is a section that is never ignored by your readers since it is supposed to contain key information about your dissertation summarized in a concise and comprehensive form. As such, the conclusion paragraph will allow your professor to check not only your writing fluency but also your organization and critical thinking skills.

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