A dissertation hypothesis is a type of prediction of what your dissertation will prove or disprove. In essence, the hypothesis is based on theoretical concepts that you rely on in the process of preparing your research. Since it is not easy to understand for a novice researcher how to write a hypothesis for a dissertation, it can be recommended for students to rely on expert help from custom writers, especially if they want to save time and effort. If you lack excellent academic writing skills, research skills, and fluency, be sure that you can count on EssaysBank.com service for help.

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Expert Hypothesis Example for a Dissertation for Free

Sport sponsorship is one of the most popular and commercially attractive industries for patronage in the current course of time due to its incremental growth and high profitability rates. Types of sponsors vary from famous corporations to banks. Banking regulations assist in management and simultaneously impose particular dilemmas, controversies and hazards to the level of efficiency and profitability of sponsorship sport events of different types. Mdekazi underlines that success in sponsorship should be based on relevant values which are promoted via a sponsored product, event or personality. It means that sports sponsorship and banking regulations are a significant challenge in practice. Hence, research of major tendencies and strategies in the area of banking regulations and sports sponsorship is topical and potentially useful. The direction of the research is as follows: the researcher will focus on seven core rules about banking regulation and financing a sport event in order to identify main drawbacks, hazards, dilemmas, and potential adjustments in banking regulations.

The research will be based on extensive literature review aimed to provide sufficient theoretical background and reveal major controversies and problems in the field of concern. One of the fundamental studies for this goal is the research conducted by Neokosmidi, Theofilou, Neokosmidis, and Theodorou. The scholars investigate activity of banks’ sponsorship and it consequent outcomes. Results presented by Piotrowski, Cassab, and in “Bank of America still Prominent in Sports Sponsorships Despite Spending Reductions” will also be used as a background for further research. Hypothesis of the study will be as follows: if main rules of banking regulation are met, sponsorship in sports sector will attract new customers, retain the current ones and result in high rates of awareness among the target audience and profits...

How to Formulate a Hypothesis for Your Research?

Sooner or later, but throughout students` academic career, they may be assigned to carry out research on a specific topic. To deal with this assignment successfully, a student should be well aware of how to organize the research process. Besides, when it comes to such complex assignments as dissertations, term papers, and thesis papers, one should be aware of the structural requirements, materials that should be preferably consulted, formatting and citation styles, and other aspects. When it comes to a research project, a great deal of attention is paid to coming up with a good hypothesis. Even though many students underestimate the importance of this dissertation part, it influences the overall tone of writing.

If you want to compose a relevant dissertation hypothesis, please consider the following guidelines:

  • Hypothesis formulation is applicable only for quantitative studies. In qualitative research, you do not need to compose a hypothesis since this study is based on people`s experiences that cannot be tested. In quantitative studies, on the contrary, the results can be tested hence proving or disproving the hypothesis.
  • When composing the hypothesis, you need to draw a connection with the dissertation objectives. Avoid any dubious points in your claims and make sure the ideas are conveyed in a clear way.
  • The assumption you put forward should be realistic and measurable. It is a must that you further verify it within your research.
  • The hypothesis should be clear, logical, and concise. Make it brief and easily comprehensible. Do not devote more than two sentences to your hypothesis.
  • If you want to write an excellent hypothesis, be picky about the word choice. What you write and how you write it matters a lot. One of the traps is that students use the word “proved” when they discuss their hypothesis. We suggest that they use such words as “suggest,” “suppose,” or “intend” when focusing on what the hypothesis addresses.

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Significance of Coming Up With a Unique and Relevant Hypothesis

It is important to come up with the hypothesis before you have started work on your dissertation, specifically before the moment you have started searching for literature, collecting the data, and analyzing it. You need to start formulating your hypothesis by asking questions and putting forward the assumptions that you would like to get tested. So, start conducting preliminary research on the topic and focus on those spheres that you would like to cover in your research.

If it is hard for you to understand, what a hypothesis is and how it should be formulated, keep in mind that you can look for some dissertation hypothesis example provided by professional writers. You also need to know what type of hypothesis is relevant to your paper. Check out the following types:

  1. null hypothesis: it claims that the relationship between certain phenomena that you intend to prove within your research does not actually exist;
  2. research hypothesis (also known as an alternative hypothesis): it aims to predict the specific relationship at hand within your research;
  3. one-tailed hypothesis: it intends to clarify the direction (whether something is more likely to boost or reduce);
  4. two-tailed hypothesis: it focuses not on the direction of change on the very change.

A hypothesis can be claimed successful when it is clear and concise. Remember that it should be brief and logical. If you do not have a clue how to write a hypothesis for a dissertation, keep in mind that the essence is not to move around and about the topic but be precise and clear about it.