Defining the Nature of Proofreading

Have you ever been involved in proofreading practice? That is mostly a question for professionals, as practice entails experience and the specific level of knowledge. Nonetheless, even students are tasked with proofreading exercises aimed to check works of their group mates. This way, professors see whether their apprentices are attentive enough to distinguish grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Your proofreading abilities directly depend on your linguistic knowledge. It is easier to discern all the mistakes in a text when you are a good communicator and writer, being able to apply these skills to various situations. If your level of language proficiency is low or moderate, or you do not know how to proofread your own work, then is your sure-fire way to learn from seasoned masters!

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Proofreading is Similar to Editing, but These Are Separate Parts of the Writing Process

Editing precedes proofreading as it entails the exclusion of all the most visible mistakes. When you edit a paper, you also check grammar and stylistics, but in certain instances, you must edit a work within a limited timeframe. Though editing prepares the document for its final stage, it is the responsibility of a proofreader to make it seamless, without any hints that there were errors of any kind.

Thus, proofreading is the main method of the paper advancement. While editing is more general, proofreading is more precise. The final check of the text quality is relied upon proofreaders.

Does Every Written Work Have to Be Proofread?

Even if you are an ingenious writer, say modern Ernest Hemingway or Mary Shelley, your masterpiece still needs to be proofread. Why? At least, to find out whether it is a masterpiece or not. Owing to such comparisons, we would like to emphasize on the importance of proofreading under any circumstances. Imagine that you wrote an outstanding essay that unravels burning issues or revolutionary ideas, but you fail to publish it just because it is full of spelling and syntax errors. The value of your work is at stake unless you edit and proofread it assiduously. The presence of mistakes also indicates your flippant attitude to your efforts.

The more errors your text contains, the more unreadable it is. If the paper has significant flaws, your professor will return it and you will have to rewrite it. If your leading edge article has not gone through proofreading, your publisher will reject it. It is even worse with more extensive works, such as books. The truth is, despite the level of importance of your creation, no one will torment their brains with reading it if phrases are blurred and the stylistics is mixed incoherently. It may work only in case you want to make your boss frustrated and leave your job. Hopefully, such dramatic purposes are quite rare.

Proofreading Steps to Memorize

It may surprise you, but taking notes are needed not only before you start writing. It is much easier to cope with the proofreading task when you know what to correct beforehand. Hence, your smart move would be to write all the mistakes down and then gradually eliminate them. If there are different categories of errors, create lists, depending on the mistake type. Though it seems to be a pedantic approach, it does you a huge favor in the end. While looking at your notes, read sentence by sentence not to miss anything. When you get tired, have a rest, but come back afterwards to dedicate some time to second reading – you will evaluate your paper with a fresh eye.

Valuable Hints You Will be Thankful For

  1. Why is it important to proofread your writing on your own or seek expert help? There are numerous spell checkers that can be found online. However, even the trendiest ones are not effective to the fullest. They are programmed to discern clusters of spelling and grammar errors, but apps (even based on great AI possibilities) cannot delve into the context so well as a human professional can. Okay, the programs may cope with the task better than some students. Considering this fact, there is another drawback – you become lazy to improve your linguistic skills on your own.
  2. To avoid certain mistakes right from the start, making your proofreading less time-consuming, it is prudent to keep average typing speed. If you type too quickly, you may confuse many letters in various words. Besides frequent instances when “the” becomes “teh”, there are more radical typos that spoil the whole image of the work.
  3. There are also misspellings when you inattentively confuse one word with another. Then, you mistakenly turn “tenets” into “tenants”, “complement” into “compliment”, “you’re” into “your”, “we’re” into “were”, etc.
  4. The secret to proofread efficiently is to find your mistakes’ checking rhythm. Sometimes, people imagine a certain beat in their head and start following it to make this assignment less tedious. Even music fosters concentration, but it may be not your perfect tactics. Experiment with your own proofreading pace.

The positive aspect is that these final stages of improvement are not the hardest ones, as the major efforts have been already put into the writing process. You do not have to strain your brain to indulge in proofreading practice – it is better to calm down, realize that your paper is written, but it needs finishing touches to achieve its purpose.

On the contrary, writing itself might have already drained you, and you simply lack energy to reread all those parts all over again. You should not worry as there is a great way-out –! The decades of writing, revising, and proofreading experience are behind us. The feedbacks of our loyal clients speak for themselves. Moreover, proofreading services cost less than academic writing. What can be better for a student like you?  

Proofreading at the Highest Level Means

Many students confess that they forget to proofread their essays once they complete them. Their schedule is usually hectic, and no wonder it is deemed an achievement when every essay for every required subject is accomplished on time. We perfectly understand that you do not revise your papers as you have already other tasks on the agenda. However, once you receive not very satisfactory marks, you will start pondering on professional help. It is more logical to find experienced proofreaders, as there is a peculiar tendency that affects many authors – they do not see all the mistakes they make. Thus, you definitely need someone to read your work and correct typos and errors.

Luckily for you, works daily, even at the weekend. If you are ready to comprehend all the benefits of expert assistance, visit our website, open a message window, and simply ask, “Can someone proofread my college essay?” Indeed, we can, and your paper will be written by a specialist that knows your subject pretty well. We are language connoisseurs, constantly studying the depths of linguistics, keeping pace with the times, knowing all the introductions in the educational world, such as academic styles and creative demands that young people have to adhere to.

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Proofreading Sample to Check

‘Language and Education in Japan: Unequal Access to Bilingualism’ is the topic of the research conducted by Yasuko Kanno. She analyzed the level of accession and availability of bilingualism considering the students’ socioeconomic classes. Being born in a non-English speaking country, as an international student in the United States, I understand the difficulties and struggles related to developing and maintaining bilingualism or multilingualism. I was required to learn Cantonese, English, and Mandarin from a very early age, and I started learning Japanese three years ago due to my interest in Japan and desire to live in that country. I realized that although I have been learning English from kindergarten, my English was not proficient enough to allow me to communicate in an English-speaking country fluently. Moreover, the native English speakers had a difficult time understanding me which affected my self-esteem. I also noticed that non-English speakers’ native language is not valued, as it is mentioned in Kanno’s research. Having read the article, I am now able to apply my own experience using an example of how the school practice influenced me to conclude that there is unequal access in different nations in Asia. In this paper, I will be analyzing the chapter ‘Imagined Communities, School Education, and Unequal Access to Bilingualism’ and further interpreting it as well as questioning Kanno’s statement by bringing my own discussion and commentary.

According to the book, Kanno believes that school plays a central role in students’ bilingual development as she focuses on analyzing the bilingual education in five schools in Japan. Her major argument in the chapter ‘Imagined Communities, School Education, and Unequal Access to Bilingualism’ is that the way schools perceive English will have a significant impact on students’ bilingual development. Before I focus on a specific chapter, I would like to briefly explain the research discussed in the book. By observing different bilingual education that the students received, Kanno divided five schools into three categories. Two private schools that offer English immersion program and focus on students’ English development are considered as those that promote elite bilingualism and apply additive bilingual program emphasizing the importance of both English and Japanese. The ethnic school is categorized as an additive bilingualism, and the school supports the development and maintenance of Japanese language as well as the students’ ethnic culture and language. Lastly, two public schools are defined as subtractive bilingualism since they only put emphasis on students’ first language (mostly Japanese) development...

We Are Always Online to Proofread Your Research Papers

Judging by our own observations, international students specifically need proofreading practice in order to get acquainted with the parts of the foreign language they have not learnt at their home schools. They cherish the assistance they get at, as we even manage to become their teachers, disclosing the essential linguistic aspects they missed. Our writers are native speakers of English, coming from UK, Canada, and the USA.

If you question our reputation, we can assure you that you will not find a more trustworthy and creative company as Our wonderful teams consist of scholars, writers, professional researchers, journalists, and even scientists. No matter the discipline you study, we can adjust our skills to any subject. Besides writing, editing, and proofreading services, we offer formatting and plagiarism-scanning options!  

Even if you have the strictest deadline, timeliness is one of our perks! We proofread quickly and fruitfully! And what about the pricing plans? When everything in the contemporary world seems to be costly, our prices are extremely affordable even for those who temporarily live on a shoestring. Of course, you will never understand the depth of our cooperation and professionalism if you do not order writing or proofreading services from at least once. We guarantee the unparalleled quality. Moreover, we will make sure that you will be able to present the enhanced composition to your professor, making it look like your own tremendous effort. The authenticity of the work will be in your possession. If you still ask, “What is proofreading?” you will know its best incarnation after you choose us.

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