How Do You Envision the Process of Revision?

Every experienced writer knows that revision verges upon a certain kind of intellectual enlightenment – though it has nothing to do with the 18th-century philosophy. Anyway, when you revise your composition thoughtfully, you truly receive amazing insights that show you better ways to complete or reform your work. Though the initial writing process involves in-depth research and creative approaches’ development, it is impossible to estimate the effectiveness of your piece before you reread it. The one who knows how to revise a paper is able to look within its core from a new angle.

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What Does it Mean to Revise a Paper?

Never confuse revision with proofreading, as unlike merely checking grammar, punctuation, and formatting, it may entail radical transformation of the work’s focal points, structural elements, and the chosen arguments. Revision helps you to evaluate the drawbacks of your text as a whole. In some cases, you may rearrange, include or exclude, and even rewrite chapters.

It involves an integral scrutiny of your subject anew to comprehend whether you were on the right track. Only after you are convinced that you highlighted each aspect of your paper diligently, making it a well-written article, essay, or a fictional piece, you can enter upon the proofreading stage. So how do you revise a paper on your own? It may sound strange, but many individuals, who answered this question, perceived the whole revision procedure as something different than it should be. They simply used to scan through their papers hastily, thinking that it is enough to see all the mistakes.

Revision as a Means of Critical Thinking You Develop Personally

If you still ask why revision is important, then you must remember its crucial aspect – it makes you a critical thinker, being able to endow your own creations with value. It is like you are both an author and an editor (if to view it from literary perspectives, the editor is the one who revises and proofreads).

Your primary writing stage still depends on the exploration stage, owing to which you get acquainted with the topic and define its elements that have the potential to grab your readers’ attention. Of course, there are different levels of revision, and if you are skilled enough in the subject, it is likely you will not make grave mistakes. Therefore, you will not need to change the context, only rewrite or readjust a few sentences within your composition.

Essentially, your critical evaluation will help to understand: whether certain paragraphs are logical and relevant; whether your text generally reflects your intentions; whether the overall investigation or literary creation adheres to perception and demands of your target audience.

You are lucky if everything you need to change is several paragraphs or your thesis statement, making it on the front burner. If you hammer away at a literary effort, the revision may encompass adorning the sentences with more alluring metaphors, similes, epithets, and other devices. However, if the topic appears to be too complicated and puzzling, there is a risk of total rewriting – yes, unfortunately, it means “destroying” the first draft to pieces, and immersing in the creative process all over again.

How to Make a Revising Process Easier? We are Willing to Share the Efficient Advice!

  1. It can be suggested that it was quite difficult to revise lengthy works before the Computer Age. However, it may not be true as the printing press appeared in the 15th century, having facilitated the process of book making. Of course, specific computer tools help us check our written works faster. People constantly type, so the speed of writing of the general population is logically different. But here is an interesting thing – it has been proved that it is much more beneficial to revise a text from a printed copy. The screen contains many distracting elements that might make certain mistakes invisible.
  2. One more effective old method of revising is “viva voce comprehension”, which means reading the piece out loud. Your brain will instantly identify the weaknesses of the work in question.
  3. If your essay is extensive, divide it into several drafts. Then it is better to revise the excerpts draft by draft. After you reread one fragment, have a rest, and then start revising another one.
  4. As you learn to think critically, develop a habit of asking questions regarding chapters that contain key arguments and pivotal opinions. It will help you generate more pertinent viewpoints and exclude the weakest ones.

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Keep in mind the following tips to revise greatly:
  • Create small written pieces even in your spare time, and revise them.
  • Imagine yourself a part of your target audience. What would you expect to read and discuss?
  • Set high writing standards, be as aloquent and resourceful as possible; experiment with writing styles, from informal to formal ones.
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How Become a Masterful Revisor?

It could have been said that only those individuals who tend to become virtuosic writers should endeavor to conquer revision mastery. Anyway, this skill is necessary even if you are only a student. The earlier you learn to polish your writing perfectly, the more perspectives you will obtain even during your university years. Revising talents can make you an editor of an academic magazine or you may decide to start your own blog, quickly drawing up with professionals.

The guide to creating vibrant sentences:

  • Use succinct terms, especially in research papers. Flowery language is not for academic essays. Only special tasks require applying literary devices.
  • Avoid using the same phrases multiple times. Unlike metaphors, synonyms are acceptable to make your sentences look fresh. Besides, using a thesaurus will help to find the right words.
  • Start each sentence in a different way. Your audience might think that your command of language is mediocre when they notice the recurring (and trivial) sentence patterns.
  • Do not overuse sentences that start with “There are” and “It is”. Experiment with various methods of your ideas’ expression.

Still Lagging Behind Your Writing Companions? Try Our Revision Service!

Knowing how to revise a paper structures may be not enough if you have not come to grips with contextual revision. This ability can be gained. However, if you lack time to present an impeccable project to your professor, it is highly advisable to address pencraft experts.

features our features is the Place Where Revision Quills Work Miracles

Being brave enough to express our thoughts using metaphors, we would like to assure you that our specialists are masters of revision of any kind. Our clients consist of students, business managers, travel, fashion, and food bloggers, who need revision of their website pages, as well as journalists, who need to improve their articles before publishing. We inspect every bit of your text, defining the types of modifications that have to be made. Since we work both with context and grammar, it can be said that our services are two-in-one – encompassing revision and proofreading at the same time.

According to our observations, modern students are extremely gifted, being able to come up with breakthrough opinions and fascinating results. Nonetheless, it happens that state-of-the-art ideas are lost among the weaker points. It means your way of thinking is powerful, but you cannot incorporate it into the most advantageous direction to make it appreciated by your readers. Revising grammar and formatting is also discrepant from ordinary punctuation proofreading, as it entails altering the whole sentences, applying profound methods of correcting mistakes.

Our Focus is Uniqueness. After Our Revision, Your Work Will Be One-of-a-kind!

Many online agencies offer run-of-the-mill services. Why do people choose them anyway? At first impression, they do their job very quickly and busy people naturally like swiftness. Anyway, there is a blunder – their revision services are not accurate and meticulous, which leads to mediocre results.  One of the outstanding features of is attention to details. We will not upload the revised paper until it can be said that the outcome is sublime. More benefits for each customer to consider:

  • Besides our painstaking corrections and the possible composition makeover (which means it will be significantly rewritten, requiring more efforts), we adhere to the deadline you indicated.
  • “Rock around the clock” is a song about us, as we are available day and night to assist customers across the globe. Find your convenient time to address us.
  • Our efficient communication channels facilitate cooperation between you and your revisor. Contact the specialist directly to ask the ensuing project questions.
  • Every expert has Bachelor's, Master’s degree. You can even choose your assistant by requesting the details of his or her major. You can be assured that their English fluency is unrivaled.
  • We have generated pleasant prices even for the complex orders. Even if your essay must be fully rewritten, the price will remain affordable.
  • Our services are transparent only for you individually. While you can track every writing step, our cooperation is retained top-secret for your professors, fellow students, colleagues, and managers.

The value of our partnership is immense, as we act as educational intermediaries, ensuring your success. Once you make up your mind about addressing, please drop us a message, such as, “Revise my paper for me” and we will gladly help you.

An order placement procedure is further elucidated at the website. Read every step carefully not to miss the integral points. We suggest that you provide precise and exhaustive instructions before you proceed with the payment or other befitting methods. Financial validation procedure takes several minutes. After the payment is processed, the revision magic starts without delay. After you obtain the best version of your composition you could ever get, you will finally find out how to revise a paper with masterly skill!

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