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Who writes the essays and papers for your database?

All papers and essays on our site have been submitted by students like you, at all levels in their academic careers. A few, of course, are our own. We appreciate all of our contributors and welcome new submissions at any time.

Why do I find mistakes in some of the papers?

The papers are written by students and may contain errors. We do our best to review and fix grammatical and content errors, however, due to the huge amount of uploaded works, it may take some time to edit all of them.

May I submit a paper of my own?

Absolutely! Go to the submit page, and paste your paper into the provided form. You will need to create an account, and sign in with a username and password first.

How do I pay for an order?

All payments are provided through secure worldwide payment systems. We accept all major credit and debit cards. 

Can I provide my credit/debit card information by phone or email?

NO!  These are not secure methods of sending such confidential information, and we will not jeopardize your security and confidentiality in this way.  

Is my credit card information stored at your site?

Absolutely not! Your information goes directly to the banking network, where it is authorized.  It is not recorded on our site.  We also guarantee complete confidentiality of your name, email address, and your phone number.  We will never share your personal information with a third party.

What if I need a revision of my ordered paper?

All our clients have an option of a free revision of paper ordered. This option is available within 48 hours after initial deadline expiry for papers less than 20 pages. If your order exceeds 20 pages, free revision is available for 30 days after deadline expires. 

How will I know that my payment has been processed?

You will receive an automatic billing confirmation via email as soon as the payment is authorized.

I live in another country.  Can I still use your services?

Of course, you can! We welcome requests from all over the world!

Why do I need an account?

You cannot fully use our web service until you do this. Once you have signed up, you may post messages and comments about papers, submit your own works, and deal with your own papers.

The other issue is that we want only the real author of the paper to submit, revise or remove an essay.

If I cannot find a bibliography for a paper, how do I get it?

We do not always receive bibliographies with submitted papers.  If a bibliography is not included with the paper, we have no way to supply one.

If there is no author listed on the paper, and I want to cite it, how do I get the author’s name?

We allow authors to submit papers anonymously if they choose to do so.  You can still cite the work, however, listing the author as anonymous.  There are lots of published works with anonymous authors, and you may legitimately cite them!

How do I contact

We have a customer support team that is available 24/7. Once you fill out the contact form, one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible. Feel free to ask our support team any questions, make comments, or address any issues you may be having with the site, payment, etc. Other means of contacting our service are the phone and email mentioned on the site. Direct contact with the writer completing your order is also enabled.

Can I contact you by phone?

Sure. Use the phone numbers mentioned on the site to contact the representative of our team that is fully able to respond to any question, concern or issue you may have.

What is your working schedule?

We are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week round the year. Just turn to us whenever you have questions, and we will assist you.

Are there any guarantees that I will get the highest grades, and is there any quality warranty?

We guarantee that the paper will be completed within the highest quality standards. The instructions will be followed precisely, and the essay will follow Standard English competency. Still, we cannot guarantee the grades as the grading principles are different. We are sure of the quality of our papers as we have Master’s and Ph.D. writers working on your papers. Moreover, our extensive experience on the market and hundreds of positive feedback confirm our statements.

Can you assign my order to the specific writer who worked on my previous order?

Yes, we can. You may choose a Preferred Writer when placing an order; just indicate the previous Writers’ ID in the order form. You may check this ID on your personal account.

Do you send any notifications?

Automatic emails are sent regarding any actions in your account. You may also choose to receive notifications via SMS, system messages, and calls.

What shall I do if the order form keeps loading and does not forward me anywhere?

The situation may occur if you attach large files or more than 1 file. The system cannot work with such situations. If you have to send additional files to the writer and see that there are either many of them or the one file is too large, please, contact our support team via the most convenient means and inform them about your problem. They will help you deliver the files to your writer.

There many assignment types on the order form. What should I choose?

If you are not sure about the category to which your paper belongs, contact our Support Team, and they will assist you in your choice. You should deliver them your instructions, and they will analyze them and decide what assignment type to choose.

I have a test to be completed within 1 hour. Can I place such an order with you as there is no such urgency on the site?

We will be able to help if we have a suitable writer available within the set hours. Please, contact our support team and they will help you arrange everything and will try to find a writer for you.

Can I contact the writer directly during the working process?

Yes, you can contact the writer via the messages system. You may write messages, attach files, ask questions, and discuss any issues related to your order. If you have an urgent clarification and need a writer to reply to you immediately, you may send a message to your writer and contact our Support agents via LiveChat or using our toll-free numbers asking them to notify the writer about a new message.

I have rather specific instructions. Can I ensure that you have a writer to complete my order and only then place an order?

Sure. Please, contact our Live Chat or send us an email with the assignment instructions, and we will offer the order to writers competent in your field. We will notify you about the issue outcome.

Do you have a pricing policy?

Many factors affect the price of your order. When placing an order, you may regulate the final price by changing the number of pages, deadline, academic level, and either including or excluding additional paid options such as a draft, a summary, an extended revision option, the quality level, etc. If you have difficulties, you may always contact our support team, and they will help you calculate the price.

Can I ask the writer to write more pages?

Sure, you may request additional pages any time. Just contact our support team; they will create an additional order you should pay, and a writer will be asked to add more pages to your order. You may also create an additional order on your account in the section My Orders.

Can I change my contact information?

All the changes can be done in the Profile tab; just go to Profile and press Edit Profile. Do not forget to save the changes.

If I placed an order with a wrong urgency and have noticed it immediately, can I change the order delivery time without agreeing on an issue with the writer?

Yes, you may change the order urgency to any you wish if the order was not assigned to the writer. However, you should mind that compensation will be required since order urgency affects the price of your paper directly. Contact our support team, and they will calculate the price of an additional order to cover the urgency.

Can I check a draft before the paper is completed?

Yes, we offer a 1-page draft option for our clients. Add it to your order on the stage of the order placement. A draft will be available after 50% of the selected order delivery time. A draft is a paid option.

Can I get the paper before the deadline?

Since paper urgency affects the order price, the earlier delivery is a paid option. Moreover, it is necessary to agree with the writer whether early delivery is suitable for them. In any case, you need to contact our support team and discuss your case. Each situation is considered separately. Anyway, we always do all possible to meet your needs.

How do I know when my paper is delivered, and where can I get it?

When placing an order, you set a deadline, the time when the order must be completed. A written file will be delivered to your account within your set deadline. You can download a file from your account on the site. You may also check your email as you will receive a notification about a ready paper.

Which days can we reach you to place orders?

We have no days off. Our staff is always available as we work in shifts. So, you can place orders on a round-the-clock basis. We take good care of all clients, no matter which time zone they are in.

I have made a mistake and now I have an order with a wrong word count. I also chose high school level of writing instead of undergraduate. Is it possible to edit my order details?

If you have already submitted the order form and your order is being processed, you cannot edit the details any longer. Still, we will help you with that. You let us know about the new instructions and we recalculate the price for a new number of pages or level of writing. After that, we offer you to cover the difference and apply the needed changes immediately after that.

If one of my paper requirements is to read a book, can your writer buy it?

We have developed a company policy, according to which it is the responsibility of the customer to give a set of materials if they cannot be found online in free access.

Can your writers do orders that imply the development of apps?

They can, but we only write papers about web development and coding. We do not do coding itself, although we can present certain programing features from a theoretical point of view. We specialize in researching topics and effective writing, not in the practical application of technological advancements.

Does the Supreme order level cover paying for a chosen writer?

You can choose an option of Supreme order writing to benefit from additional features we offer. One of them is the assignment of one of the best experts in your field to your order really urgently. In addition, a supreme package comprises a detailed plagiarism report with the included editor’s comments. Still, if you want to get a preferred writer, you cannot do that in the context of this package. We offer a separate service of assigning your order to the writer you want to get. A particular expert can complete your task or even take a series of assignments, but you have to pay an extra fee for that. Only if you choose it, the writing department staff contacts your chosen writer and assigns him or her to your particular task. If you pay for a Premium writing package, you definitely get one of the best 30 experts assigned to your paper. Besides, we give you a detailed plagiarism report with comments on the paper.

I added my contact details to my account of a customer. Can I replace my previous email or phone number? Is it possible to get an updated password?

You can amend the details of your account from the tab Profile. Choose the option Edit Profile, make changes, and then save them. Thus, you will introduce new details and save the updates in your profile.

What are the qualifications of your writers?

Owing to years of persistent work, our writers are competitive in all spheres of studies. We have an excellent team, whose expertise is beyond any doubt. If you analyze the level of services other writing companies offer, you can conclude that the research skills and knowledge of our writers are outstanding. We hire Ph.D. university and college professors, editors, and professional writers to work on your research papers 24 hours a day with no days off. We highly value their professionalism and excellence in performing the tasks. Besides, we provide our writers with access to the best databases and libraries to make sure they can handle any task at any writing level even if it is urgent.

Is there any difference between you and other writing companies online?

It is common for writing companies to give a lot of promises and have lots of advertisements about their punctuality and efficiency. Still, if you pay for the services our company provides, you can be absolutely sure that a professional writer handles the papers you need at the highest level of competency. Our writing and editing teams are top-notch. You can find other services on the web that may offer very cheap papers written within an hour. Still, it is likely that you’ll get plagiarized content. If someone can cope with a challenging order in no time, will he work for nothing? It is doubtful, so think twice before you choose your writing helper.

Is your pricing policy flexible?

We have a system of fixed pricing on the website. Still, it does not mean that you cannot influence the price. First of all, there are different bonus options our customers like. If you are a returning client or it is your first order on our website, you definitely get the price discounted. That is not all. We also give a lot of seasonal promo codes and you can use them, ordering your research papers or essays. The highest discount rate is 15%, but you may be lucky and get up to 20%, 25%, or even 35% off. How can you find out about these discount offers? Pay special attention to our offers on the website banners. Besides, you can communicate with our LiveChat agents and discuss whether discounts are possible.

How can I choose the writer I like?

If you want to choose a preferred writer for your paper, you may indicate his ID in the order form and fill in other details. You can get to know the ID of the writer from the previous order, which you liked. Click on the option "Add" and you will be charged +15% of the order price. The department staff will assign the paper to the expert you want and give this extra payment directly to a preferred writer. Thus, you can make sure that your order will be among the prioritized ones.

I would like to get a discount on my order. Is that possible?

If you are a first-time client, you will get a 15% discount. Afterwards, with an increased number of the ordered pages, you will get a permanent discount of 5%, 10%, and then 15%. You can also benefit from discount codes distributed for a limited time period in promotional or seasonal campaigns to get from 10 to 20% off the price. While placing the order, give your consent to receiving promotional messages and check your email to save with us.

I am a demanding client. What if I want my paper polished?

It is easy to request for the paper revision after you have reviewed it. If you see that your writer fails to follow some of the requirements, you have 30 days after the deadline expired for the revision of the orders 20 pages + / 48 hours for the orders 1-20 pages. Please note that an extra fee is applied if you change the initial instructions. You may get more detailed information and help with the estimation of the compensation to the writer from the Support Team.

Do you provide a list of sources to the paper?

While filling out the order form, specify how many sources the writer has to use in the paper. This requirement is typically mentioned in the school rubric for the paper, so you may share it with us as well. Please note that our writing experts provide you with a title page, a table of contents, and an abstract without any extra fees. Formatting of the list of references is free as well. Mention the referencing style in the form and let the writer complete the task in accordance with all the standards of APA, Chicago, Oxford, MLA, or any other style you need.

Can I be confident that my work won't be generated by an AI system?

You can trust that all our content is produced by real individuals, not AI. We prioritize the personal touch in our content creation.

Can I check on the credentials and academic background of the writer?

The team of is known for its expertise and professionalism. Years in the market of completing academic projects have built the basis for our solid background in academics. We guarantee that our clients get high-quality writing help and excel in their studies. All our writers demonstrate outstanding performance rates owing to their in-depth knowledge and desire to develop. Their experience in writing lets them provide unique papers for our customers. Our priority is premium quality of every provided paper and a team of experienced academic specialists, journalists, former teachers, and professional writers makes it possible. Using their talent and the latest tools of plagiarism check, they will get an exceptional project for you!