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Generating a reaction paper may be even an intellectual way of mastering the art of expressing opinions and logical responses. If you cannot deem yourself as “an artist of word”, then we offer you an alternative way to get your reaction paper done. In certain cases, you cannot complete such an assignment not because you are not smart enough, but because you simply dislike or hardly understand the given topic.

A student should assess and look at the content from every conceivable edge to discern a few ways for the in-depth and attention-grabbing response. In other words, you should be able to assess a subject matter from different alternative perspectives. Sometimes, it consumes more time than you initially expect. Therefore, students address EssaysBank.com, and academic writing experts can be definitely found here.

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How to Write a Reaction Paper?

It is one of the most interesting academic tasks where the author has to present a well-established and confirmed reaction to a specific book or some other sort of material. It entails thorough investigation and analysis. Typically, such compositions may include personal opinions, but you should amalgamate your own points of view with relevant evidence.

The Most Effective Methods to Make Your Reaction Paper Stand Out  

Writing a response paper requires special techniques. Above all, one needs to know how to organize the paper’s structure. Initially, you have to designate the type of your reaction or response essay. Reaction paper definition ‘may vary as it is related to the specific types or categories of this academic work. The most popular types of response papers you can memorize are mentioned below:

  • Personal reaction paper

Such a paper is based on the individual point view. Your opinion should be persuasive and authoritative one. The writer should reveal a specific manner of thinking and the subject’s comprehension, or at least be able to form his view by analyzing some resources. 

  •  Comparative reaction paper

This essay embodies a reaction to the secondary analyzed material that has similar content to the originally presented material. When the evaluation is done, you should draw parallels between similar subjects mentioned in different works of independent authors.

  • Analytical reaction paper

These papers are based on a target investigation of a certain material. Such a reaction essay is composed to address specific inquiries, which reflect the relevant material. Similarly, it is written in a way that it becomes easier to achieve the core goals of the research.

  • Informative reaction paper

This type of paper intends to inform on a topical matter or educate the target audience. It investigates the plot of the material, the major objectives of the writer, and any other pertinent viewpoints that can be of vital significance.

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Free Reaction Paper Example to Marvin Harris’ Concept of Cultural Materialism


Cultural materialism is a term that was coined by Marvin Harris in 1968 in his attempt to explain how people and societies live together amidst strikingly different and dynamic ideologies and symbols. In his book “Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches”, Marvin pours water on the common belief that Jesus the Messiah, was truly the Word’s most awaited prince of peace. This paper reacts to these views that have been considered quit provocative across the religious circles.

The Military Messianic tradition

Marvin Harris paints a picture to suggest that the live of Jesus was the precursor for political expedition of the infamous military messianic traditions. This is a misplaced observation considering that the contradictory nature of the gospel writings, from which he bases his arguments, does not exist. The non peaceful events that was witnessed and attributed to Jesus during his mission work was not politically motivated but was sparked by the opposition met by the miracles that he performed. The religious teaching and ideologies that Jesus taught could also at some point conflict with the Jewish traditions and the Mosaic laws but not necessarily with the political establishment, this in essence led to uproar among the Jews in most cases and not the Romans...

If You Still Think About Composing a Reaction Paper on Your Own, These Are the Steps to Follow

  1. Endeavour to define your relationship with the content you are about to manage. Note down the main ideas and concepts that will reflect the quintessence of your essay. Have you had special impressions when studying the material? Has something attracted your attention? 
  2. Elucidate the intention of your writing. What message does it intend to send to your target audience? Explain the symbolism in the text and clarify how it impacts the comprehension of the issue. Portray each of the characters along with their distinctive roles, making their presence and features influence the particular representation of your text. It is mostly related to reaction papers on literature.
  3. In your reaction paper, you have to identify the pros and cons of the work under analysis and even turn into a critic to explain those weak and strong points. Ask yourself such questions, “Do you disagree with the author's perspective regarding the matter or not?”, “What proof would you be able to give to demonstrate that the author's statements are not right?”
  4. Your last step would be to summarize everything you previously wrote. You have to repeat a thesis statement that is in the introductory part of your reaction paper. You can use quality examples from EssaysBank.com if you finally realize that is task is more sophisticated than it seemed.
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Core Elements of the Response Paper

Logically, all reaction papers are unique, but there are some essential parts in this composition’s outline that you need to include:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

These components are vital for the reader to understand your arguments. To start with, it is important to include a succinct summary of a work you analyze. It can be a motion picture, literary oeuvre, or even an event you might have visited. The summary should be placed right after the introduction and is length does not have to exceed one paragraph. What is more, there ought to be a response to the work you have summed up, so in the resulting sections, you need to share your own opinion or interpretation of the matter. In any case, the response must be founded on proof, even if your point of view is prevalent.

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