Before you get to know the answer to the question how to write a movie critique, you should make sure that you understand what a movie critique is. To put it frank, a movie critique is a type of academic writing assignment that aims to provide a detailed examination of the movie with the focus on its main scenes, events, characters, and dialogues. At times, you may even add the review of costumes and soundtrack into your critique. Even though many people claim that writing a critique is the same as finding the weaknesses of the movie, in essence it is not. When you are working on a movie critique, you need to remain objective in your arguments and opinions. Actually, you need to provide a well-balanced argument supported with evidence from the very movie: features of the main characters, dialogues, and details from some scenes.

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How to Differentiate a Movie Review from a Movie Critique?

One of the challenges that students face when they deal with critical writing is that they often confuse such writing types as reviews and critiques. Remember that these concepts are not synonymic ones and they cannot be used interchangeably.

When you are assigned a movie critique, you are expected to delve deep into the movie analysis by paying attention to the slightest details. When you are provided with an essay prompt or with some specific guidelines, pay attention to how they are formulated – you should cover far more than some basic plot details. When you are working on a film critique, you are expected to study the topics raised in the movie, interpret them, discuss, and then evaluate them according to the given criteria. You will often need to analyze the movie within the broader realm of cinematographic concepts and the movie’s role in cinematography.

When you are working on the movie critique, be ready to carry out a research on the movie’s genre, the director’s background and his/ her other films, and then compare and contrast the given movie with the other movies of the same director or the same genre. Another aspect you may consider when writing a movie critique is that you may analyze the actors’ roles and how well they play in their roles. You may as well pay attention to their gestures, voice, intonation, pitch of voice, and other features.

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Contrariwise, a movie review intends to fulfill a different purpose. First of all, a film review is not considered an academic paper unlike a film critique. A review is a brief and concise article that intends to provide some general and most appealing facts about the movie after it has been released. A review can serve the role of a recommendation to the potential viewers whether to watch it or not.

If you do not know yet how to write a movie critique, you may think that it is as enjoyable as the very process of watching a movie. However sad it is for us to discourage you, we should say it – no. It is not nearly as enjoyable, so make sure you devote sufficient amount of time to working on the paper. If you want to provide a high-quality movie critique, make sure you are not merely pinpointing what you like or dislike about it. You will have to apply your skills in cinematography as well as turn to your critical and analytical skills to provide a coherent writing unity.

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Basic Guidelines on How to Write a Movie Critique

  1. Introduction. As in any academic paper, you need to start with an introductory paragraph, so provide some basic information about the movie that your reader should know about. Keep in mind that the most important aim of the introduction is to set the scene and provide some background facts. Further, you need to highlight the main reasons why the movie is significant.
  2. The main body. In the main body paragraphs, start with the summary of the main events of the story. In other words, you need to add more details and shed more light on the story’s background. As such, you may want to outline the main events of the movie, focus on the key moments, and the main results. If you have encountered some flaws or fallacies in the movie, you should also emphasize on them and mention them in your body. After you have discussed some general information, you need to delve deeper into separate aspects, such as the movie plot, interaction between characters, dialogues, and acting. Focus on the structure of the movie as well as with the basic plot details. You need to explain logically how the events progress and what leads to the conclusion. When delving into this analytic work, remember to analyze the plot from a variety of perspectives. Think of different structural parts of the movie and how they are linked together, focus on some plot twists, pay attention to the dialogues.

Logically proceed the development of ideas to the climax of your critique. Come up with a conclusion on whether the movie is worth attention. Keep in mind that overall the structure of a critique paper is the same regardless of whether you are writing about a movie or a book. Start with an introductory paragraph, then develop the main ideas in the body paragraphs, and end with a conclusion.

  1. Conclusion. You need to reemphasize on the most important aspects of discussion as well as to mention the main results of your critique. Remember to reiterate your thesis statement and pinpoint to the main aspects of discussion as well as findings.

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Expert Movie Critique Example for Free

In the film Hotel Rwanda, Terry George represents historical events based on the worldwide known Rwandan tragedy called genocide in 1994. The plot of the film reflects how Hutu extremists massacred around one million of Tutsis within one hundred days. Thus, the primary issue is to reveal unjust and the contravention of human freedom and identity connected with racism that led to genocide.

Reality can be too cruel at times as hate reigns over the human deeds and actions. The director portrayed the revolution between Tutsis and Hutus that referred to two different African groups being unequal in their rights. He questions who Tutsis and Hutus are in order to reflect the history. It occurred on the sixth of April in 1994 when the President of Rwanda, Habyarimana was killed by Hutus relentlessly considering themselves as the highest race. Thousands of children lost their parents and living shelters, or they were merely killed like animals. The hotel manager, Paul Rusesabagina (Don Cheadle) used his influence to save more than one thousand victims being found a refuge at the hotel Des Mille Collines during the period of genocide (Thompson). Working at the luxurious hotel, a man begins to defend the Tutsis risking his own life despite he relates to Hutus. Paul revealed mercy and compassion for the Tutsis and hundreds of orphans when he paid money for every single person.

The points of identity are an integral part of the story as people suffer from their genealogy even today. Before the Belgian colonists arrived, there was no such evident tension between Tutsis and Hutus, and the question of identity did not bother anyone. Coming back to the background of the story, the Belgian colonists stated in 1916 that Tutsis were superior to Hutus because of their lighter skins and more European features. In such a way, they made Tutsis the ruling class giving them more educational and working possibilities during that period. Gradually, Hutus’ resentment increased, and it led to irretrievable events when Hutus shot the President’s aircraft. According to the film, both ethnic groups looked similar as they spoke the same language and lived in the same territory following identical traditions. However, the Belgian colonists contributed to the inequality producing the cards of identity in order to “classify people according to their identity”. They called Tutsis the cockroaches destroying their dignity and will...

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