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Firstly a book report is defined as an informative and detailed piece of writing. Some students consider that a book report is very similar to a book review, but there are some significant differences. Thus, it is worth comparing reviews and reports.

A book review is referred to a critical and detailed account of either non-fiction or non-fiction piece of writing where students should provide a summary of its content, make assessment its value, as well as indicate their personal points of view whether they do not recommend or recommend it for other people to read. Book reviews are typical college or university written tasks. They may be also composed by professionals. Moreover, book reviews are usually published in magazines, newspapers, scientific or academic journals.

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On the contrary, book reports mostly make emphasis on summarizing a literary work rather than an evaluating it. Professors assign such reports to high or middle school students. Such academic pieces of writing can take various forms, ranging from 350 to 600 words and comprise different components in accordance with their level.

Completing book reports assists students in improving communication, analytical and writing skills and practice in expressing their opinions and considerations about various aspects of the masterpieces they have read.

Book Report Key Elements

Students are often interested in what elements should be included in book reports, what info is of worth indicating or what info should be omitted.  Below are essential formatting guidelines for excellent book report preparation. The outline given-below is a clear guide on how to start writing a book report of supreme quality.

Icon 1 Introduction

"Inform your readers of what you are going to dwell on." As a rule, such info is of great significance in book report writing. The introduction to a book report is aimed at laying out the basic premises of your piece of writing and is to include a clear thesis statement. Below is the sample of a decent introduction paragraph.

  • Universal Statement: Something evident and true about the book under analysis. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn composed by the best-known American Mark Twain is a vivid illustration of its time." As you can see, this statement lays a clear groundwork for you how to proceed further.
  • Body Sentences: You should provide some context. Provide no more than 5-6 sentences concerning the author, historical background, genre, setting, etc. Ensure they clearly support your thesis statement. For instance, "Samuel Clemens, best-known under pseudonym Mark Twain in the world literature, was an unsuccessful businessman, riverboat pilot and, as well as a writer. In his numerous careers, he met with different people and experienced beyond the usual…"
  • Essential Thesis Statement: It is regarded as the most is significant part of your book report. Make a vivid claim, anything you consider is true and you are capable of supporting with clear examples from the analyzed book. "Despite the numerous limitations and vocabulary of that time, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is an anti-racist book, based on the idea that any experiences of people are supposed to be treated as universal in their own way."

Icon 2 Body Paragraphs

In the main body of a book report, it is recommended to describe and discuss its leading characters, purpose, as well as plot. It case it is possible to trace characters’ experiences throughout the book, you should make analysis of motifs or themes of the book, or you could juxtapose of one of characters’ experience with other's.

In the majority of cases, there should be no more than three paragraphs in the main body. We do recommend that you should keep to the following format as indicated below:

  • Mission Statement: Dwell on one peculiar way the text of the book supports your thesis statement.
  • Support: Provide about 5-7 sentences, illustrating the examples from the book supporting your thesis.
  • Closing: "Have a look at how excellently I managed to support my thesis!" Avoid using such a sentence as you may get into trouble.

Icon 7 Conclusion

The conclusion is to function as a mirror image of your introduction, summing up essential points, or your considerations. Would you recommend the masterpiece under analysis to other readers?

  • Reflection: is treated as the universal statement:
    "We clear understand that in spite of racist language and various limitations of that time, the message of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn …"
  • Body Sentences: try summing up the most significant arguments or ideas in each of body paragraphs. Ponder on your conclusion very carefully.
  • Thesis Statement Plus: you should restate your thesis statement. Add a sentence on what makes it significant.
    "By completing an anti-racist masterpiece in the racist times, Mark Twain managed to chronicle his considerations, experiences and points of view, as well as relate them with …"
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Expert Book Report Example on “People Can't Drive You Crazy if You Don't Give Them the Keys” for Free

“People Can't Drive You Crazy if You Don't Give Them the Keys” is a motivational book by author Mike Bechtle who hails from California. He is a frequent renowned speaker and was also a minister of worship. The book has a total of 208 pages and was published in the year 2012 by Revell who are a division of the Baker Publishing Group. The first thing that captures the attention of the reader is the cover illustration that is quite catchy and conveys the title of the book. The picture of the duck who is in a stylish jacket and a funny looking hat put on his green hair cannot escape the attention of a reader. Everybody has been driven crazy at times and that there is a key not to be driven crazy is interesting. The book is an ideal motivator, very informative, and a source of great inspiration to anyone that is looking to improve their relationships in an all-around fashion. The author can communicate with a great sense of humor and as such is a pleasurable and entertaining read. He is certainly hilarious and can teach at a very personal level by sharing his heartwarming stories about his friends and family, especially his granddaughters. From this angle, Mike can deliver an excellent piece of work that excites the soul.

The book shares some great truths concerning our reactions and responses to various situations and Mike shares an interesting fact in the book when he states, “A reaction is how we feel; a response is what we do. Reactions are automatic, but we choose our responses”. The expression highlights a very major theme that he highlights throughout his book, that of changing our attitudes. Mike also appeals to the emotion through his use of hilarious language when he is suggesting that though it may be ideal to leave a particular situation in many instances is inappropriate. He does elaborate this when he says, “... Your emotions got the best of you, and your crazy person has you dangling in her grip like a bungee jump gone bad...”.

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