Organization of Book Review Writing

You have already read the book you have to analyze and you have completed all the required observations. Now it is high time you read all your notes one more time and try to work out a proper approach to writing your book review with your unified ideas and impressions. Your task is to present a statement, which can embody the main purpose of the review or the paper thesis. To be effective at that, make sure you have studied all the requirements to writing a good thesis. After that, you have to make an outline of all the additional arguments that will serve as a support of the review thesis.

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Mind the logical flow of the arguments that are the basis for the paper thesis. It will be somewhat different from the logic of essay writing as you will have to not only focus on the argument of the book author, but also offer your own concerning this particular book. The type of your review will determine the emphasis of the paper. In case you know that your target audience will be keen on the work itself, it will be necessary to emphasize the facts about the author of the book and the book itself. However, if the aim is to make the audience aware of your individual perspective on the book, the structure of the review will be changed accordingly to place the focus on your ideas and observations. Still, you have to remember that you own opinions should not be separated from the arguments about the book. Thus, organization of book review writing may vary, but you have to sound confident and professional in your work.

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The length of a typical review is relatively short, so the first part of the paper should be straight to the point. It is possible to start with an anecdote to send a message and entertain the readers. Nevertheless, your approach to arranging the introductory part will depend on the target audience you have and the character of your main arguments. In your introduction, you should have:

  • The title of the book, the name of the author, and the key themes.
  • Some facts about the author and his or her standing in literature of the corresponding field. It is also possible to build a link here between the title of the book and the subject to draw the parallels.
  • The book context. You will place your review in a certain content to make the readers aware of what is happening. A book about the events of a revolution in Cuba can be presented in the framework of the social movements of Latin America or the competition between the Soviet Union and the US. Your argument will determine the selection of paper context.
  • The book thesis. A review of a novel or any other genre of fiction can be challenging in terms of a thesis as such pieces of literature have a lot of arguments. However, you will have to focus on an individual contribution of this particular book owing to its originality, unusual angle, or innovations.
  • The review thesis.

Content Summary

This is a concise section as it is more important to analyze than to summarize the content. Your evaluation in the course of writing a book review should have all the claims backed up with the evidence and examples from the reviewed book; thus, the summary will be presented not only in this section, but the ideas from the book can also be mentioned throughout the paper.
The audience of the paper determines the scope of summary in the review. In case you know that the intended audience is aware of the book content as everybody has read it, for example if it is the assignment submitted to the professor, the argument you will make will have more value than presentation of the facts of the book. However, if the review is given to the classmates or colleagues and they will use it in their exam preparation, extensive summary will be reasonable.

Evaluation and Analysis

Organization of the evaluation and analysis part should be done on the basis of paragraphs in the context of a single argument for every part. As you have to analyze the whole book, that may be a challenging task; nevertheless, you have to make a clear differentiation between the evidence, assertions, and critical remarks. It is not a must to follow the principle of chronological writing; it is much more effective to do the arrangement of ideas on the basis of specific themes, book elements, or methods. You may find it interesting to compare the book in question to others in the corresponding area, but this should not take a long paragraph as the spotlight of the paper is the analysis. Quoting should be done with referencing specific pages in parentheses, but it is wrong to think that the paper gets better with more quotes. It is much more effective to present the points of view of the author, stating them in your own words than by quoting.


Follow the tips for writing a book review restating the paper thesis and doing the summing up in the final paragraph. The readers need to know about your own judgment of the book and that is what should be in the conclusion. No new facts or evidence should be added. All the presented ideas should serve as an extension of the thesis from the introduction. The final paragraph is your chance to ensure proper balance between the weaknesses and strengths of the book and make the evaluation unified. For example, the review includes three positive paragraphs and one negative, so they should add up to a corresponding conclusion and your reasonable final assessment of the book.

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Expert Book Review Example for Free

A Book Review on Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat is a book by Oliver Sack a renowned neurologist that contains twenty stories which generally originate and reflect on his patients. The author uses this book to present to us most of the cases that he had to deal with while practicing as a neurologist and which had the most influence and unforgettable scenarios in his life as a practicing physician. Most of the patients that he dealt with were either suffering from cerebral palsy, coordination disorders, Tourette’s or a number of disorders that could be related to the neurons. When an individual hears the title of the book for the first time, the title may seem humorous, but this is not the case when one grabs the book and reads the contents contained in it. A core factor that presents itself in all the stories presented in this book is very clear. The author shares his experiences with the readers aiming at dispelling the deep rooted prejudice people have towards individuals who may seem to look different from them. Sacks tries to incorporate one crucial and significant fact in his practice and life, the issue of respecting other individuals no matter the shortcomings they have in life. It is from this principle that I believe sack got his motivation to write the book.

The book and the stories in it are of people who can not be able to converse properly, people who can not comprehend the world they are in and the things that are around them. To the author, these people are not to be considered weird, but they should be segregated and be called nut cases, but they should be considered as individuals whose lives are complicated due to moral and spiritual problems. The author stresses on the fact that despite the numerous complications the people may be suffering from, we should try to understand and comprehend and care for them and we should treat them as our equals, people who have the same rights as each and every normal citizen. All this can be borrowed from the way the author treat them; he does not treat them arrogantly, the humanity he uses characterizes the author’s personality especially when his writing is looked at. Apart from the writer’s personality that tends to stand out, the rich language he uses and the simple terms used makes a layman to comprehend what is being communicated. The author has spared us a lot of scientific jargons which if used could make it difficult for people not in the medicine field to understand what is being passed across. In addition to this, scientific explanations and illustrations have been used together with philosophic literal devices...

How Can You Make Your Review Top-Notch?

Finally, have a look at some general advice:

  • Remember that you are reviewing the actual book, not something you would like to read. There are certain drawbacks in each piece of writing, and your task is to point them out. At the same time, it is wrong to sound critical only because the book has not met your expectations.
  • Mind the tone of the book review and remember that the book took tremendous efforts and a lot of time from the author to work on it. Be respectful, even when you are criticizing.
  • Challenging the arguments and approaches is fine. Still, you have to sound persuasive and cite particular pieces of evidence and examples to make your assumptions be backed up.
  • Your argument about the book value should be balanced. Your fair attitude will be appreciated both by the author of the book and the readers. Even if your agreement or disagreement is strong, do not make your judgments harsh.
  • Check the examples of perfect reviews so that you could learn how to write them correctly. A nice book review can be found in The New York Times, for example.
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