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After a rough draft has been ready, the writer ought to work on the next writing step, which is referred to as editing. It is evident that the editing process may take plenty of time, efforts, as well as nerves. It is a very mind-blowing and backbreaking task. During the editing process, the writer is to search for any mistakes in the text. The most common mistakes are as indicated below: grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, formatting, style, etc. Usually, it is recommended not to hurry up while working on editing and devote some extra time to the following process. If you are a freshman at writing or editing, begin checking out your work for the right capitalization or punctuation. Then, you will be capable of noticing and correcting other errors in grammar or spelling. Moreover, it is advised to read your work out loud during the process of editing. The majority of students find it simpler to detect mistakes. Do not treat editing as one of the drawbacks. Consider that this task should be completed so as to polish your work so that you might be proud of your result. Remember that the draft ought to be edited by all means and when the final version is ready, you should edit it too. Be confident and find the right spot to ensure editing is performed perfectly well.

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Applying our profound and professional editing service could be the best ever decision made by you make while pursuing your academic studying or career. Our experts have been working to be certain that your piece of writing reflects your knowledge, intelligence, creativity, skills, and experience. There are a great number of various types of academic writing that modern students should prepare during their student years, and our sophisticated editing team is capable of providing the following school, university or college essay editing service at an affordable price.

High School Essay Assignments

Our experts correct transitional, structural or grammar usage, spelling mistakes, typos as well as make necessary changes in all the sections of your work so that the finished paper meets the expectations of your professors.

College or University Admissions Papers

Our company always provides a comprehensive and unique critique of all the works assigned, editing if there is a need, correcting any spelling or grammar mistakes, suggests alternatives, more academic or profound vocabulary, make the review of clarity, structure, as well as sequence, and revise those sections that could attract the reader's attention.

University, College or High School Pieces of Writing

Our experts with Masters or Ph.D. degrees, along with our professionals in the certain fields of science, always revise and review any pieces of writing, ensuring that they do meet the set standards of the written English language, have decent flow as well as clarity, and are perfect in everything.

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Essential Steps Which Could Assist You in Successfully Managing the Process of Editing

  • Prepare an Outline

In case your professor did not ask you to prepare an outline, it is recommended to compose it, even if you have managed to write your work. No matter whatever topic you explore, you will not be capable of getting a good mark if you fail to follow professor’s requirements. It may turn out to be challenging and complex to identify all the flaws of writing without the outline preparation. Take a short break and try to put your work aside for a few days. Then compose an outline and try to check whether you really dwell on needed concepts or not. For example, you should focus on environmental issues, but after having created an outline, it becomes obvious that some paragraphs are off the topic chosen as they outline the policies applied by big corporations. Therefore, to avoid such mistakes, you should prepare a brief plan of your future work either with key words, phrases, sentences or paragraphs that would assist you in identifying if you manage to keep to instructions or not.

  • Pay Attention to Your Thesis Statement of Your Work

Sometimes modern students may slightly deviate from the chosen topic and study the topic from different angles. There is no need to get worried, if you consider that your thesis should be modified a bit. Unless your professor does not allow changing your thesis, you may alter it during the process of writing or while editing occurs. It is excellent that you manage to notice a mismatch between your thesis statement and the body or conclusion sections. Therefore, ensure that your thesis statement fits within the context of the topic under study.

  • Make Specific Emphasis on Each Topic Sentence

Each main body paragraph is to start with a topic sentence directly relating to the thesis statement. It is advised to review each topic sentence and check if all of them are logically connected with the leading idea indicated in the end of the paragraph in the introduction. 

For instance, if the topic of your paper is “The life of a modern student,” you will not appreciate such a thesis statement as “students’ life is overloaded with various actions.” The readers are bound to pose different questions in their minds and require certain clarifications. Therefore, your thesis statement is to sound in such a way “A typical life of a modern student is always associated with academic studying, attending different courses or extracurricular activities, as well as socializing with his or her class or group-mates.” 

The above-mentioned rule also refers to each topic sentence. All topic sentences should be a logical continuation of the thesis statement indicated in the introduction. For instance, your first topic sentence could sound as following “studying,” the second one “attending different courses or extracurricular activities,” as well as the last one “socializing with one’s group-mates.” All topic sentences should comprise a deeper explanation of every point included in a thesis statement in the introduction.

  • Check a Conclusion Section

Avoid introducing any new info in the conclusion section. It is the last section of the work that must sum up the key ideas indicated in the main body. Furthermore, always be clear, formal and precise in your writing. You should sum up the same ideas explicated in the work using fresh phrases and words. For example, if you should summarize the work on academic writing, you may end it as follows “A successful writer always has to follow several steps, including prepare an outline, compose drafts, revise or rewrite some sections, as well as edit the whole paper in the most perfect manner.” 

  • Cite All the Sources Accordingly

Almost each academic task should include the list of all the references used in the work. If you paraphrase any info or provide direct quotes, you should include citations in the end of each sentence and include the source in the list of references. Always keep to the rules of the citation style assigned while referencing (APA, Oxford, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, or any other style). Consider that non-cited info may lead to plagiarism records in your student’s profile. Thus, always double-check if each borrowed piece of info gives a specific credit to the original source.

  • Correct Different Grammar Errors

It is a must to edit your work for possible grammar errors. Students always overlook this step, but consider that even a few grammar errors can result in a bad grade. 

common grammar errors
Below is the list of most common grammar errors:
  • Possessive case (if it is the case of any possession, utilize an apostrophe);
  • Contractions (avoid using them in any types of academic writing);
  • Noun-verb agreement;
  • Redundancy;
  • Non-finite forms.

  • Correct Any Mistakes in Format

There are various citation styles and in the majority of cases, professors assign peculiar requirements in terms of formatting.

  • Re-read the Ready Paper Several Times

It is recommended to re-read your paper several times after its completion to establish any flaws or drawbacks.


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