Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

If a customer needs (or would just like) their order delivered to them in a progressive manner – i.e. in individual parts when each one is complete - can assist. This method of delivering a paper makes the process more manageable. Generally, the progressive delivery option makes larger papers more manageable. In practical terms, anyone who has 10+ or 20+ page assignments to complete (in single or double-spacing respectively) should find this method of receiving a paper useful.    

The main advantages of receiving a paper by the progressive delivery method

  • You can rest assured your paper(s) will be worked on by qualified staff – written by experts and checked for errors by our superb editors.
  • Orders are more manageable and trackable. Since this method involves delivering (and receiving) papers part by part, the recipient gets more time to review the work they receive before finally turning their entire project in.     
  • A much longer period for getting papers amended. While we offer free revisions to every customer, these are only available for up to 2 days with standard delivery where you get 30 days to request adjustments with the progressive method.  
  • Every time takes an order, we immediately appoint a qualified supervisor to monitor it. It is then this person’s job to a) manage the project’s lifecycle, b) ensure there are good communication channels between customer and writer, and c) ensure the customer is 100% satisfied with the final product (and the service) they receive.     

The progressive delivery process uses*:

  • With a deadline of 4 days or sooner, we complete the first section of the customer’s paper – to a volume of around 25% - and this is sent to the customer when the deadline clock hits the half-way point – 50%. So, assume we receive an order for 20 pages to be completed in 2 days. In this scenario, the customer should get their first draft – a volume of around 5 pages – when 1 day has ticked over on the deadline clock.         
  • With a deadline of 5-11 days, we complete the first and second sections of the customer’s paper – to a volume of around (respectively) 25% and 50% - and these are sent to the customer when the deadline clock hits the same points of 25% and 50%.       
  • With a deadline of 12 days or a time period greater than this, we complete the first, second, and third sections of the customer’s paper – to a volume of around (respectively) 25%, 50%, and 75% - and these are sent to the customer when the deadline clock hits the 25%, 50%, and 75% points.   

+15 extra is all that this special service costs – so add this to the cost of your regular order to get the final price.

* In cases where this process is not suitable for the customer, they are advised to get in touch with their assigned supervisor to come to a different arrangement. You should find the people who work at are always very happy to help!   

Additional Services – More Options for Customers with for Smaller Assignments

Summary Pages

If a customer requires their paper summed-up in 1 page – with just the most essential ideas or points on display – we can supply this. In fact, we recommend summary pages for anyone who is working on a project that needs to be reported on periodically. 

Draft Service

Providing customers with draft papers is also something is always happy to do. Once half (or 50%) of time allowed has registered on the deadline clock, we can send you either:

  • A draft of 1 page with 300 words typed in double-spacing
  • A draft of 1 page with 600 words type in single-spacing.

As an example, assume has been asked to provide a draft where the full order’s deadline is 4 days. In this case, the customer will receive their paper when 2 days have lapsed on the deadline clock. 

Extended Revisions

Once you use’s writing service, you qualify for free revisions. Under our general terms, these requests should be received by our company in a given period, which is not later than 48 hours past the time we deliver an order. However, we do offer an extension on this timeframe, which means the customer would have 14 days to ask their papers amended.